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UpCodes vs. ICC

One of the benefits of open access to our laws is the opportunity to innovate and create new tools we can all benefit from.

We've spent years building the technology to integrate and keep codes up-to-date. Along the way, we've defended the right for everyone to access laws for free. ICC has launched two lawsuits against us to prevent us from doing so (lawsuit one, lawsuit two). One danger of an organization like ICC acting as a gatekeeper is relying on their ability to keep the codes accurate and up-to-date. Unfortunately, they have consistently failed to do so.

In ICC's second lawsuit, they pointed out about 2 dozen issues from UpCodes' 1,000,000+ sections of law we host (which were promptly addressed).

In an initial review at the time of writing this article (Summer 2020), we found 400+ sections where ICC either has an error or not the most up-to-date code.