UpCodes helps the AEC industry deliver code compliant buildings.

We provide tools to manage building codes, avoid project delays, and clarify requirements.

Don't miss relevant code.

The most advanced search engine built for the construction industry.
Custom filters allow you to search across multiple publications or focus on singular codes. Codes are organized by state and jurisdiction to provide a full understanding of the applicable codes for your project. Machine learning and data analysis help bring the most pertinent section to your attention.

Simplify coordination.

Structure research around teams & projects.
Project Pages provide an organizational tool revolving around your project or team. Collaborators can join the same Project Page to work together in coordination and research.
Bookmark & comment
Bookmark frequently used and relevant sections to your project. Drop in comments to help expand the code and communicate with your team.

Access your codes anywhere.

Access the code away from your desk through a mobile optimized web platform.
Access your codes from any device. Search, view, pin, and comment from your phone or tablet. All commenting and annotations are synced in real time between all devices and collaborators.
Empower your team and simplify code research.