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Water recycling systems shall receive storm water captured from roofs and balconies, condensate reclamation systems, gray water discharge only of lavatories from public restrooms in commercial office buildings, and the treated effluent from an approved black water treatment system as regulated by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Recycled water shall be utilized only for flushing water closets and urinals, cooling tower makeup and irrigation systems that are located in the same lot as the water recycling system. Recycled water shall be considered nonpotable. Such systems shall comply with Sections C101.2 through C101.12.
The following terms shall have the meanings shown herein.

BLACK WATER. Waste water discharged from water closets, urinals and any other fixtures discharging animal or vegetable matter in suspension or solution.

GRAY WATER. Waste water discharged from lavatories,bathtubs, showers, clothes washers and laundry sinks.
All drain, waste and vent piping associated with gray or black water recycling systems shall be installed in full compliance with this code.
Water captured for recycling purposes shall be collected in an approved reservoir constructed of durable, nonabsorbent and corrosion-resistant materials. The reservoir shall be a closed and gas-tight vessel. Access openings shall be provided to allow inspection and cleaning of the reservoir interior. The holding capacity of the reservoir shall be a minimum of twice the volume of water required to meet the daily flushing requirements of the fixtures supplied with recycled water, but not less than 50 gallons (189 L).
All water entering the reservoir shall pass through an approved filter such as a media, sand or diatomaceous earth filter. Filter may be installed in a sidestream arrangement sized to filter the entire volume of the tank at a rate equal to four times the recycled water in a 1-hour period.
Recycled water shall be disinfected by an approved method that employs ultraviolet or one or more disinfectants such as chlorine, iodine or ozone.
Potable water shall be supplied as a source of makeup water for the recycled water system. The potable water supply shall be protected against backflow in accordance with Section PC 608. There shall be a full-open valve on the makeup water supply line to the reservoir.
The collection reservoir shall be equipped with an overflow pipe of the same diameter as the in fluent pipe for the captured water. The overflow shall be directly connected to the building house drainage system.
A drain shall be located at the lowest point of the collection reservoir and shall be directly connected to the sanitary drainage system. The drain shall be a minimum of 4-inch (102 mm) diameter and shall be provided with a full-open valve.
The reservoir shall be provided with a vent sized in accordance with Chapter 9 based on the size of the reservoir influent pipe.
The recycled water shall be dyed blue or green with a food grade vegetable dye before such water is supplied to the fixtures.
All recycled water distribution piping and reservoirs shall be identified as containing nonpotable water. Piping identification shall be in accordance with Section 608.8.
Approved waterless urinals may be utilized only as part of an approved building water conservation plan.