UpCodes AI


Automated code compliance for Revit models.

Windows 7 or higher
Revit 2017, 2018 or 2019
Select US building codes
(All codes available on the codes page)
Free while in Beta

UpCodes AI analyzes Revit models for potential code violations. The plugin is developed as an aid for architects and engineers to rapidly understand potential errors in their design. Every week new code checks are updated as the AI becomes more sophisticated. These updates are pushed automatically to your plugin.

Installation instructions
UpCodes AI feature page

Major changes in v0.11:
- Turning space in bathrooms
- Grab bar requirements
- Clear space around urinals and sinks

Major changes in v0.10:
- New ADA checks
- Improved visualization of violations
- Made existing rules more robust

Major changes in v0.9:
- Support for Revit 2019.1
- Bug fixes for door rules
- Support spiral ramps

Major changes in v0.8:
- Improvements to door code checks
- Improvements to ramp code checks
- Bug fixes

Major changes in v0.7:
- Door related code checks are much more accurate now
- Better 2D display for selecting violating elements
- Updates are streamlined now
- Bug fixes

Major changes in v0.6:
- Better 3D display for selecting violating elements
- Set which project phase to check code against
- More jurisdictions
- Fixed bugs in settings page, door rules, caching

Major changes in v0.5, Public Release:
- Better viewing with section boxing (more improvements to come!)
- Reduced false positives in rules
- More project settings
- Many stability fixes
- More responsive UI
- Improved messaging in violation tiles

Major changes in v0.4:
- Code check progress is now shown
- Bug fixes

Major changes in v0.3:
- New rule checks for stair headroom
- Improvements to door opening rule checks
- Support for Revit 2019

Major changes in v0.2:
- Select individual violations
- New rule checks for doors and egress stairs
- Feedback form

Major changes in v0.1:
- Initial Beta release