Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.
The storage of used tires shall comply with the following:
All outdoor storage of used tires shall be free from all trash and debris within the site;
The owner and operators of outdoor storage of used tires shall maintain controlled access to the property with only one entrance/exit, and shall install security lighting for use during evening and night time hours as designated by the State Fire Marshal;
All outdoor storage of used tires shall have a perimeter security chain link fence of a minimum height of six feet;
All storage of used tires, shredded or unshredded, shall be separated into individual piles on the property. No pile may exceed 50 feet wide by 50 feet deep by 15 feet in height;
In the absence of an available water supply of at least 500 GPM (gallons per minute) provided by fire hydrants within 1000 feet of the facility, a minimum of 10,000 thousand gallon water supply on the site for exclusive use of fire fighting personnel shall be established;
Fire lanes having a minimum of forty-five foot lanes capable of supporting fire apparatus shall be established and maintained between all tire piles;
A minimum of a fifty foot wide zone around the site perimeter inside the fence line shall be maintained;
All storage piles shall have a minimum of a thirty inch high earthen dike around each tire pile as the piles are established;
A maximum of eighteen tire piles may be established on a single site; and
No site may exceed the storage of more than three hundred thousand tires without the approval of the State Fire Marshal.
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