International Mechanical Code 2015 (IMC 2015)

(This appendix is informative and is not part of the code.)
For issuing each permit $ ___
Fee for inspecting heating, ventilating, ductwork, air-conditioning, exhaust, venting, combustion air, pressure vessel, solar, fuel oil and refrigeration systems and appliance installations shall be $ ___ for the first $ 1,000.00, or fraction thereof, of valuation of the installation plus $ ___ for each additional $ 1,000.00 or fraction thereof.
Fee for inspecting repairs, alterations and additions to an existing system shall be $ plus $ ___ for each $ 1,000.00 or fraction thereof.
Fee for inspecting boilers (based upon Btu input):

33,000 Btu (1 bhp) to 165,000 (5 bhp) $ ___
165,001 Btu (5 bhp) to 330,000 (10 bhp) $ ___
330,001 Btu (10 bhp) to 1,165,000 (52 bhp) $ ___
1,165,001 Btu (52 bhp) to 3,300,000 (98 bhp) $ ___
Over 3,300,000 Btu (98 bhp) $ ___

For SI:1 British thermal unit = 0.2931 W, 1 bhp = 33,475 Btu/hr
If it becomes necessary to make a reinspection of a heating, ventilation, air-conditioning or refrigeration system, or boiler installation, the installer of such equipment shall pay a reinspection fee of $___.
When preliminary inspection is requested for purposes of permitting temporary operation of a heating, ventilating, refrigeration, or air-conditioning system, or portion thereof, a fee of $___ shall be paid by the contractor requesting such preliminary inspection. If the system is not approved for temporary operation on the first preliminary inspection, the usual reinspection fee shall be charged for each subsequent preliminary inspection for such purpose.
In all buildings, except one- and two-family dwellings, where self-contained air-conditioning units of less than 2 tons (7.034 kW) are to be installed, the fee charged shall be that for the total cost of all units combined (see B101.2.1 for rate).
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