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About this chapter: Chapter 12 covers the inspection requirements for all types of private sewage disposal systems.

The provisions of this chapter shall govern the inspection of private sewage disposal systems.

Private sewage disposal systems shall be inspected after construction, but before backfilling. The code official shall be notified when the private sewage disposal system is ready for inspection.
The installer shall make such arrangements as will enable the code official to inspect all parts of the system when a private sewage disposal system is ready. The installer shall provide the proper apparatus and equipment for conducting the inspection and furnish such assistance as is necessary to conduct the inspection.
A private sewage disposal system or part thereof shall not be backfilled until such system has been inspected and approved. Any system that has been covered before being inspected and approved shall be uncovered as required by the code official.
In addition to the required inspection prior to backfilling, the code official shall conduct any other inspections deemed necessary to determine compliance with this code.
Additions, alterations or modifications to private sewage disposal systems shall be inspected.
Where inspection discloses defective material, design or siting or unworkmanlike construction not conforming to the requirements of this code, the nonconforming parts shall be removed, replaced and reinspected.
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