Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.
This appendix is intended to assist in the application of Section 104 when a particular method is not considered a design guide or authoritative document as defined in Chapter 2.
Individually substantiated design methods shall comply with one or more of the following:
  1. A process to evaluate design options against the performance objectives and functional statements shall be provided.
  2. A comparison, signed and sealed by the principal design professional, between the prescriptive requirements and this design method shall be provided.
  3. Peer review shall be provided.
  4. Reports prepared by the evaluation services shall be documented.
  5. This method shall not negatively impact the remainder of the building that complies with the prescriptive codes.
  6. The data substantiating the building performance as a whole shall accompany the design solution.
  7. This method shall address the actual use of the building including the number of people, fuel load, awareness and mobility of the people, etc.
  8. The methodology for validation of this method for the project shall be acceptable to the principal design professional and the code official.
  9. This method shall be substantiated by a system-based approach using at least two acceptable scenarios to demonstrate compliance with design objectives and code provisions.
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