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About this chapter: There are two ways to deal with fire: it can either be prevented or managed. Chapter 16 provides requirements for fire prevention, considered one of the more popular roles that fire codes have traditionally filled. The expectation is to limit unwanted ignition to an acceptable level. It is unreasonable to believe that all unwanted ignition can be eliminated.

This chapter is strongly linked to Chapter 18, Management of People, as many fires can be prevented by adequate training and safety procedures. Public education has a significant impact on individual awareness of fire issues and the likelihood of people exhibiting fire-safe behavior.

To limit or control the likelihood that a fire will start because of the design, operation or maintenance of a facility or its systems so as to minimize impacts on people, property, processes and the environment.
Facility services, systems and activities that represent a potential source of ignition or can contribute fuel to an incipient fire shall be designed, operated, managed and maintained to reduce the likelihood of a fire starting.
Electrical, mechanical and chemical systems or processes and facility services capable of supplying sufficient heat under normal operating conditions or anticipated failure modes to ignite combustible system components, facility elements or nearby materials shall be designed, operated, managed and maintained to prevent the occurrence of fire.
The quantities, configurations, characteristics or locations of combustible materials, including components or facility systems, facility elements, facility contents and accumulations of readily ignitable waste or debris shall be managed or maintained to prevent ignition by facility service equipment and other ignition sources associated with processes normally present or expected to be present within the facility.

Design, operate, and maintain facility services and facility system installation locations to prevent the occurrence or to control the extent of atmospheres likely to pose an ignition hazard.

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