Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.
The North Carolina State Building Codes do not include all additional requirements for buildings and structures that may be imposed by other State agencies, occupational licensing boards and commissions. It shall be the responsibility of a permit holder, design professional, contractor or occupational license holder to determine whether any additional requirements exist.

The current language of the General Statutes may be viewed at www.ncleg.gov.

The following list, while extensive, may not include all applicable General Statutes.

1-539.2 Dismantling portion of building
14-68 Failure of owner of property to comply with orders of public authorities
14-228—232 Misconduct in public office
14-414 Pyrotechnics defined; exceptions
15-27.2 Administrative search and inspection warrants
42 Article 5 Landlord Tenant
58-2-95 Commissioner to supervise local inspectors
58-31-40 Commissioner to inspect state property; plans submitted
58-79-20 Inspection of premises; dangerous material removed
66-23—27 Electrical materials, devices, appliances and equipment
83A-1—13 Architects
87-1—15 General contractors
87-21 Plumbing, heating and fire sprinkler contractor
87-43 Electrical contractors
87-57—58 Refrigeration contractors
89C-3—23 Engineers
95-69 Uniform boiler and pressure vessel act
105-130—151 Accessibility tax credit
106-581.1 Agriculture Defined
115C-525 Public schools
119 Article 5 Liquefied petroleum gases
130A-336—339 Wastewater system construction
133-1—4 Public works
143-135.1 Inspection of state owned buildings
143-136—143 Building Code Council and Building Code
143-151.8—21 Code officials qualification board
143-151.42 Prohibition of master meters for electric and natural gas service
143-151.43—64 North Carolina home inspector board
150B-18—21 Administrative Procedures Act
153A-97—375 Counties
160A-167—438 Cities
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