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Petition for Rule Making

Item Number__________

Granted by BCC ________Adopted by BCC ________Approved by RRC ___________

Denied by BCC _________Disapproved by BCC________Objection by RRC ________


PROPONENT__________________________________________________________ PHONE (___)___ -______.

REPRESENTING_____________________________________________ ________________________________

ADDRESS ___________________________________________________________________________________

CITY______________________________________________________ STATE ________ ZIP _______________

E-MAIL ___________________________________________________ FAX (___)___ -______.

North Carolina State Building Code, Volume_____________________          Section_____________________

CHECK ONE:        [ ] Revise section to read as follows:        [ ] Delete section and substitute the following.
                  [ ] Add new section to read as follows:    [ ] Delete section without substitution.

Type or print. Continue proposal or reason on plain paper attached to this form. See reverse side for instructions.

Will this proposal change the cost of construction?           Decrease [ ]    Increase [ ]     No [ ]
Will this proposal increase the cost of a dwelling by $80 or more?                  Yes [ ]     No [ ]
Will this proposal affect Local or State funds?                       Local [ ]          State [ ]     No [ ]
Will this proposal cause a substantial economic impact (≥ $1,000,000)?         Yes [ ]     No [ ]
Non-Substantial - Provide an economic analysis including benefit/cost estimates.
Substantial - The economic analysis must also include 2-alternatives, time value of money and risk analysis.



Signature__________________________________________________ DATE:___________ FORM 3/14/17


Each proposed code change request shall comply with the following rules:

Rule 1: The Original and twenty-two (22) copies of the proposed Petion for Rule-Making along with supporting documentation shall be filed with the Building Code Council Secretary. Submit one (1) electronic copy via email.

Rule 2: The filing shall be received by the first day of the month prior to the quarterly scheduled meeting date.

Rule 3: Each request shall be typewritten on this form and shall contain the following:
  1. The proposed rule change must be set forth in full and contain explicit reference to the affected section or sections of the code.
  2. The request shall state the reasons for the proposed rule change with supporting documentation.
  3. The proposed rule change shall comply with the standards set forth in GS 143-138(c) and reference to the particular standards shall be set forth in the request for the amendment.
  4. The proposed rule change shall contain an economic impact analysis as required by GS 143-138(a).
Rule 4: When a request is improperly filed or not in accordance with all the rules listed above, the Council Secretary shall reject the submittal and notify the applicant of the proper procedure to follow.

Rule 5: Upon the proper filing of a request, the Council Secretary shall forward one copy of said request to each council member prior to the scheduled meeting date. Persons filing proposed petitions are hereby notified of the place and time of the scheduled hearings. The Council Secretary shall cause to be published the notice of public hearing as specified in GS 143-138(a).

Rule 6: The Council shall either grant or deny the proposed Petition for Rule-making at the meeting following receipt of the proposed rule change. The Council will take no further action on items that are Denied. Granted items may be referred to Committee for review.

Rule 7: The Council will hold a public hearing on granted items at the next quarterly scheduled meeting. The Council will take final action on granted items at the next quarterly scheduled meeting after the public hearing.

Timeline Example
Petetion Received: February 1
Petition Granted: March BCC meeting
Notice of Hearing Published: April NC Register
Committee Review: May - June
Hearing Held: June BCC meeting
Final Adoption: September BCC meeting
Rules Review Hearing: November RRC meeting
Approved: December 1