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   (a)   Definitions.
      Fire-Drill. The term "fire-drill" shall mean the method and practice of the systematic and orderly vacating of a building by its occupants in case of emergency, panic or fire in the least possible time — by the nearest safe means of exit — and the use of fire appliances which shall be provided for the extinguishing or retarding of fire and the safeguarding of human life.
   (b)   In all buildings as defined in Article 1, § 10 of the Labor Law in which fire drills are required pursuant to § 279 and in any other building in which the Fire Commissioner may be directed pursuant to the power conferred in § 488 of the New York City Charter, it shall be the duty of the owners, lessees or tenants to conduct fire drills monthly and at such other times as the Fire Commissioner may direct.  For the purpose of conducting such fire drills the owner or tenant shall appoint from among their employees such responsible and dependable persons, male or female, who shall efficiently perform the duties of the various positions of the fire drill organization, as specified on the accompanying chart.  It shall be the duty of the owner or tenant to enter in the blank spaces provided for that purpose in said chart the names of persons so selected and post said chart and copies of the rules in a conspicuous place.
Name of concern  
Building No.   
Squad No. 1
Squad No. 2
Squad No. 3
Squad No. 4
Squad No. 5
Squad No. 6
   (c)   Duties of Foreman. The Foreman or Person in Charge shall direct, enforce and have full charge of the "Fire-Drill" in every factory on each floor. Each day before work is begun he shall see that extinguishers, fire hose, fire buckets, etc., are in readiness for use, exit doors are unlocked, aisles are free from obstruction, that stairways, halls, etc., are properly lighted, and shall remedy any dangerous condition found to exist. Immediately after work is commenced he shall check up the Fire Drill Organization list and note if the regularly assigned persons are present. If any are found to be absent, he shall assign other employees (if practicable) to perform their duties.  He shall immediately notify new employees of the existence of the Fire Drill Organization and give them the necessary instructions as to the duties they are to perform, etc.  He shall be familiar with the operation and location of the interior alarm signal box on his floor.  He shall listen for the test signal each morning at the appointed hour and in the event of the test signal not being heard he shall communicate with the superintendent or other person in charge of the building and advise him of the fact. The (Floor Captain's) Foreman's orders are final as to the carrying out of the fire drill on his particular floor.
   (d)   Duties of Watchmen. The Watchmen shall see that all doors and windows are closed so as to prevent the spread of fire. The Watchmen shall be the only persons permitted to remain on the floor during the progress of a fire drill and do so at their own risk. For ordinary purposes only one watchman and a substitute shall be designated. In special cases, however, extra watchmen may be assigned by consent in writing from Fire Commissioner.
   (e)   Duties of Searchers. The Male and Female Searchers shall search all toilets, dressing rooms and emergency rooms used and frequented by their sex and all other portions of the floor and order all persons, except those authorized to remain, to leave the premises. They are to take care of and assist all persons who may faint or be disabled.  Searchers shall leave the floor immediately after the last squad leaves.
   (f)   Duties of Street-Alarm-Box-Runner. The Street-Alarm-Box-Runner shall be familiar with the location of the nearest city fire alarm box and know how it is operated.  In ordinary practice fire drills the Street-Alarm-Box-Runner shall report to the Foreman for orders, and if his services are not required he shall promptly file out of the premises with the other occupants.  Only when a fire actually occurs on his floor, or when ordered to do so by the Foreman, shall the Street-Alarm-Box-Runner proceed to the street alarm box and send in the fire alarm.
   (g)   Duties of fire brigade. The fire brigade shall have full charge of the operation of all auxiliary fire fighting apparatus and shall endeavor to extinguish, or at least hold in check until the arrival of the fire department, any fire that may occur. When it is necessary for the fire brigade to respond to different floors in the building they shall not use the stairways or fire escapes while the occupants are escaping from the premises.
   (h)   Duties of Exit Guards. The Exit Guards shall station themselves at all exit doors leading to fire escapes, stairways and other means of escape immediately upon the sounding of the alarm. There shall be two guards for each exit, if practicable: one to stand in the hallway holding back the door and the other directly inside on the floor. They are to keep the exit doors open and direct the movements of the persons using these exits and prevent congestion.  Exit Guards shall remain at their stations until all of the occupants of the building have passed their station, then close their doors and pass out of the building. Upon signal for the occupants to return, Exit Guards shall take their designated stations and remain there until all persons have returned to their respective floors.
   (i)   Duties of Squad Monitors. The Squad Monitors, as soon as the alarm is sounded, shall see that the employees under their charge quickly form into line, two abreast, and numbering not more than thirty to each squad. They shall see that all aisles and passageways are cleared of obstructions.  Note: Chairs, stools, baskets, etc., should be pushed under or placed on top of work benches.  Monitors shall proceed at the head of their respective squads to the exit assigned, and then march up or down the stairs or to other exits as directed by the Exit Guards.  On reaching the sidewalk monitors shall keep their squads in order and lead them a reasonable distance from the building, so as not to cause congestion and interference with fire apparatus. When the proper signal is given they shall return to their respective floors at head of their squads.  Monitors will at all times see that those under their charge conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly manner.
   (j)   Holding of drills. Fire drills shall be held at least once each month at varied hours of the day, and all of the occupants shall participate therein simultaneously. Such drills shall conduct all occupants to a place of safety.  Where dual operation interior fire alarm systems are installed as permitted under §8-01(l) of the Interior Fire Alarm rules of the Board of Standards and Appeals, the fire drill conducted each month shall include all of the persons on the premises engaged at work for a factory, and drills shall be conducted at least twice each year in which all of the persons on the premises shall participate simultaneously.
   (k)   Duties of owner. It shall be the duty of the owner, lessee or tenant of the building or his authorized agent or their representatives to personally observe that the "Fire Drill" is held simultaneously on every floor of the building and the participation therein of every occupant of such building. Any fire drill in which all of the occupants do not participate shall not be considered as complying with the law, except as otherwise provided in these rules.  The person or persons representing the owner, lessee or tenant who supervises the fire drill at the building shall submit to an examination by the Bureau of Fire Prevention as to their experience and general fitness for such duties, and shall be so certified in writing by the Fire Commissioner.
   (l)   Duties of engineer. It shall be the duty of the engineer, superintendent or other person in charge of a building having an interior fire alarm system to test such system daily immediately after the beginning of business, and to see that all apparatus operated by springs requiring winding are rewound after each alarm and kept in normal condition for operation.  Whenever it is necessary to test the fire alarm system at any other time of the day, owing to repairs, etc., being made, the person in charge of building will first notify all Foremen of the several floors of the intended test and likewise notify them when the repairs, etc., are completed. This precaution is taken to prevent confusion and excitement, also misunderstanding of the alarm signals.  It shall also be the duty of the person in charge of building to sound the interior alarm system at irregular intervals, but not less than once each calendar month, for the purpose of holding practice fire drills. He shall keep on the premises a record of such drills showing the date when held and the required time for all occupants to reach the street or a point of safety outside the building.  The person in charge of building must immediately acquaint new tenants of the existence of the "Fire Drill" Organization and its purport.
   (m)   Registration. The name and address of every person, corporation or co-partnership, that will, under professional service, carry on the trade, business or calling of establishing, maintaining or supervising the "Fire Drill" shall be registered in the Fire Department, which Department shall, upon evidence of fitness, grant a certificate to that effect.
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