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   (a)   Definitions.
      Opening Protective Assemblies. "Opening Protective Assemblies" shall include fire rated doors, steel curtain type fire rated doors, fire rated windows, fire rated dampers, and similar types of assemblies.
   (b)   Jurisdiction. The Board of Standards and Appeals will accept amendments to applications which were originally approved before the effective date of the Administrative (Building) Code (December 6, 1968), and will accept appeals of applications which are denied by the Department of Buildings.
   (c)   Testing and inspections.
      (1)   Before any fire rated Opening Protective Assembly is used in New York City, it shall be tested as required in Reference Standards RS 5-6 or RS 5-7 of the Administrative (Building) Code of the City of New York (Local Law No. 76 of 1968) and must receive either the Acceptance of the Materials and Equipment Acceptance (MEA) Division of the Department of Buildings or the Approval of the Board of Standards and Appeals.
      (2)   The Board of Standards and Appeals may, upon the submission of satisfactory information, approve assemblies which are oversized and too large for the available test facilities.
      (3)   Opening Protective Assemblies shall be inspected at the place of manufacture on a regular and frequent basis by a recognized testing laboratory approved by the Board of Standards and Appeals or the Department of Buildings as having proper facilities; or it may be inspected under the direction of a Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Registered Architect (R.A.), in accordance with the provisions of §27-329 of the Administrative (Building) Code.
      (4)   The authorized inspector (authorization as detailed in §17-01(c)(3)) shall inspect the assembly in sufficient detail during production to assure that the completed units comply in all respects with the Approved or Accepted specifications on file at the Board of Standards and Appeals or at the MEA Division of the Department of Buildings, and thereby authorize a label indicating such compliance.
   (d)   Labeling requirements.
      (1)   Every Approved or Accepted Opening Protective Assembly, prior to its installation in a building under the provisions of the Administrative (Building) Code, shall have affixed to it an identification label displaying either the Board of Standards and Appeals Calendar Number, as Approved, or the MEA Number, as Accepted.
      (2)   The inspection label affixed to the Opening Protective Assembly as required by §17-01(c)(4) must be made of metal and include the name and address of the manufacturer, a trade name or descriptive name, a serial number, a model number, if any, the fire resistive rating, and the name of the inspection agency or laboratory, or Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect, who performed the inspection.
      (3)   The information required on both the identification label and the inspection label shall be impressed on the metal plates and shall be readily visible and legible at all times. The plates shall be securely attached, by mechanical means, to the Opening Protective Assembly.
      (4)   The two labels required by §17-01(d)(1) and (2) may be combined into one label provided that all information required for both labels is included in a legible manner.
   (e)   Construction and installation.
      (1)   Every labeled Opening Protective Assembly shall be constructed and installed, in all essentials, as tested and Approved or Accepted.
      (2)   Before engaging in the manufacture of Approved or Accepted Opening Protective Assemblies, the manufacturer shall have an established plant, completely equipped with the necessary facilities, machinery, and tools for the manufacture of Opening Protective Assemblies.
      (3)   All Approved or Accepted Opening Protective Assemblies shall be installed, maintained, and operated in accordance with the provisions of Reference Standard RS 5-8 of the Administrative (Building) Code.
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