Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.
Every installation of liquid oxygen, nitrogen or argon storage vessels shall be made only outdoors as permitted by law. The minimum clearance between storage vessel and adjacent structures may be 1 foot if the walls are a minimum of 2 hours fire resistive construction and with no openings within 10 feet of the storage vessel unless such openings lead to rooms used exclusively for the storage of oxygen, nitrogen or argon and/or the charging of cylinders or suitable containers with oxygen, nitrogen or argon in which case the distance from storage vessel to wall opening may be reduced to 10 feet. No smoking, open flames or storage of combustible material shall be permitted in the area. All piping from the storage vessel and within the building shall be as required by the Fire Department. Each installation shall be serviced and periodically inspected by specially trained personnel holding Certificates of Fitness issued by the Fire Department. All electrical work shall be in accordance with the Electrical Code of the City of New York.  Each installation shall bear a label as required in the original resolution.
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