Chapter 1 Material and Equipment Application Procedures

Chapter 2 Boiler Inspections

Chapter 3 Vacant and Unguarded Buildings

Chapter 4 Certificates of Occupancy, Live Loads and Occupancy Loads

Chapter 5 Concrete

Chapter 6 Cranes

Chapter 8 Demolition

Chapter 9 Rigging Operations

Chapter 10 Drums for Derrick Load and Boom Hoists

Chapter 11 Elevators, Escalators, Personnel Hoists and Moving Walks

Chapter 12 Emergency Power Systems

Chapter 13 Adjudications

Chapter 14 Fees [Repealed]

Chapter 15 Fire Protection

Chapter 16 Inspection of Existing Structures During Construction Operations

Chapter 17 Testing Laboratories and Testing Services

Chapter 18 Resistance to Progressive Collapse Under Extreme Local Loads

Chapter 19 Master Plumbers and Licensed Fire Suppression Piping Contractors

Chapter 20 Piping Systems

Chapter 21 Plans

Chapter 22 Pressure Tanks

Chapter 23 Noncommercial Greenhouses

Chapter 24 Refuse Chutes and Refuse Rooms

Chapter 25 Climber and Tower Crane Riggers

Chapter 27 Signs

Chapter 28 Smoke Detecting Devices and Systems and Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices and Systems

Chapter 29 Sprinkler Systems

Chapter 30 Storage of Certain Waste Materials

Chapter 31 Suspension, Revocation or Limitation of Registration [Repealed]

Chapter 32 Walls [Repealed]

Chapter 33 Exemptions From Civil Penalties

Chapter 34 Electrical Code Rules

Chapter 35 Electrical Inspection

Chapter 36 Electrical Contractors

Chapter 37 Reference Standards

Chapter 38 Ventilation

Chapter 39 Cooling Towers and Evaporative Condensers

Chapter 40 Installation and Maintenance of Gas-Fueled Water and Space Heaters in All Portions of Dwellings Used or Occupied for Living Purposes

Chapter 41 Venting of Gas Water Heaters and Other Gas Appliances in Multiple Dwellings

Chapter 42 Entrance Doors, Locks and Intercommunication Systems

Chapter 43 Installation of Security Items in Multiple Dwellings

Chapter 44 Exemptions From Filing Requirements [Repealed]

Chapter 45 Building Permit Application Procedures

Chapter 46 Authorized Representatives

Chapter 48 Construction Superintendents [Repealed]

Chapter 49 Outdoor Signs

Chapter 50 Distributed Energy Resource Standards

Chapter 51 Dormitories

Chapter 52 Notification to the Department of Commencement of Work Pursuant to an Earthwork Permit

Chapter 100 [Administration; Enforcement; Maintenance of Buildings; Licensing; Miscellaneous Provisions]

Chapter 300 Use and Occupancy Classification

Chapter 400 Special Detailed Requirements Based on Use and Occupancy

Chapter 900 Fire Protection Systems

Chapter 1000 Means of Egress

Chapter 1100 Accessibility

Chapter 3000 Elevators and Conveying Systems

Chapter 3300 Safeguards During Construction and Demolition

Chapter 3500 Referenced Standards

Chapter 3600 Appendices

Chapter 4000 Electrical Code

Chapter 5000 New York City Energy Conservation Code

Chapter 6000 Fuel Gas Code

Chapter 7000 Mechanical Code

Chapter 8000 New York City Plumbing Code

Chapter 9000 Zoning

   (a)   Applications for acceptance as a testing service or testing laboratory shall be submitted to the Commissioner of Buildings on forms provided by the Department.
   (b)   Each laboratory shall have in responsible charge a Director who shall be qualified by education, experience, or other accreditation acceptable to the Commissioner for the scope of testing performed, who shall personally supervise the testing of materials or service equipment for acceptance by the Department of Buildings.
   (c)   All technicians shall be qualified by education, experience, or other accreditation acceptable to the Commissioner to perform all tests they may be required to conduct under the supervision of the Director.
   (d)   The laboratory shall furnish to the Department of Buildings a list of all personnel who are supervising and performing tests and their qualifications.
   (e)   The laboratory shall furnish to the Department of Buildings a list of all the equipment used to perform tests, the manufacturer's name, when and by whom it was last calibrated.
   (f)   The laboratory and its equipment may be inspected periodically by the Department of Buildings or competent independent agency acceptable to the Department. If such an agency is used, a certified copy of its report shall be submitted to the Department of Buildings.
   (g)   The laboratory shall correct within 10 days any condition which, in the judgment of the Department of Buildings, may adversely affect the result of any test.
   (h)   A list of acceptable laboratories or testing services will be maintained in the office of the Commissioner of Buildings and made available to the public.
   (i)   The Department shall issue a serial numbered Certificate of Acceptance which shall be prominently displayed on the test premises. Such certificate shall bear the name of the lab or service, the name of the professionally qualified Director and the field or trade for which the laboratory has established its competence.
   (j)   All test reports shall be presented in a form acceptable to the Department and bear the name of the laboratory or service and its acceptance number, the name of the Director who supervised the test, the names of all qualified personnel who performed the test, and the names of all witnesses.
   (k)   The accepted laboratory or service shall prepare and submit to the Department a copy of the certificate or label bearing its name and acceptance number which it shall be required to affix to all shipments and deliveries of material or equipment when the laboratory is engaged by the manufacturer or producer to make periodic inspections or tests of the material or equipment in the course of manufacture or production.
   (l)   Accepted laboratories and testing services shall be permitted to advertise the fact of their acceptance by the Department of Buildings of the City of New York for the testing of materials or equipment only in the field or trade for which they have established their competence.
   (m)   Any violation of these rules or misrepresentation of facts in any required report or misrepresentation in advertising shall constitute cause for revocation or suspension of acceptance by the Commissioner.
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