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Appendix A Sizing and Capacities of Gas Piping

Appendix B Sizing of Venting Systems Serving Appliances Equipped With Draft Hoods

Appendix C Plumbing Sanitary Drainage Fittings

Appendix D Recommended Procedure for Safety Inspection of an Existing Appliance Installation

Appendix E Manufactured Housing Used as Dwellings

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Appendix G Swimming Pools‚ Spas and Hot Tubs

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The provisions of this appendix shall control the design and construction of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs installed in or on the lot of a one- or two-family dwelling.
For the purposes of these requirements, the terms used shall be defined as follows and as set forth in Chapter 2.

See "Swimming pool."

A fence, wall, building wall or combination thereof which completely surrounds the swimming pool and obstructs access to the swimming pool.

An approved temporary fence, permanent fence, the wall of a permanent structure, any other structure, or any combination thereof that prevents access to the swimming pool by any person not engaged in the installation or construction of the swimming pool during its installation or construction.

See "Swimming pool."

See "Swimming pool."

That which is situated on the premises of a detached one- or two-family dwelling or a one-family townhouse not more than three stories in height.

See "Swimming pool."

A nonpermanent structure intended for recreational bathing, in which all controls, water-heating and water-circulating equipment are an integral part of the product.

For the purpose of determining compliance with the pool alarm provisions of this appendix, damage of any origin sustained by a swimming pool whereby the cost of restoring the swimming pool to its before-damaged condition would equal or exceed 50 percent of the market value of the swimming pool before the damage occurred.

For the purpose of determining compliance with the pool alarm provisions of this appendix, any repair, alteration, addition or improvement of a swimming pool, the cost of which equals or exceeds 50 percent of the market value of the swimming pool before the improvement or repair is started. If a swimming pool has sustained substantial damage, any repairs are considered substantial modification regardless of the actual repair work performed.

Any structure, basin, chamber or tank which is intended for swimming, diving, recreational bathing or wading and which contains, is designed to contain, or is capable of containing water more than 24 inches (610 mm) deep at any point. This includes in-ground, above-ground and on-ground pools; indoor pools; hot tubs; spas; and fixed-in-place wading pools.

A swimming pool which is totally contained within a structure and surrounded on all four sides by the walls of the enclosing structure.

Any swimming pool which is not an indoor pool.
In-ground pools shall be designed and constructed in conformance with ANSI/NSPI-5 as listed in Section AG108.
Above- ground and on-ground pools shall be designed and constructed in conformance with ANSI/NSPI-4 as listed in Section AG108.
Permanently installed spas and hot tubs shall be designed and constructed in conformance with ANSI/NSPI-3 as listed in Section AG108.
Portable spas and hot tubs shall be designed and constructed in conformance with ANSI/NSPI-6 as listed in Section AG108.
The provisions of this chapter shall control the design of barriers for residential swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. These design controls are intended to provide protection against potential drownings and near- drownings by restricting access to swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.
An outdoor swimming pool, including an in-ground, above-ground or on-ground pool, hot tub or spa shall be surrounded by a temporary barrier during installation or construction and shall remain in place until a permanent barrier in compliance with Section AG105.3 is provided.


1. Above-ground or on-ground pools where the pool structure is the barrier in compliance with Section AG105.3.
2. Spas or hot tubs with a safety cover which complies with ASTM F 1346, as listed in Section AG107, provided that such safety cover is in place during the period of installation or construction of such hot tub or spa. The temporary removal of a safety cover as required to facilitate the installation or construction of a hot tub or spa during periods when at least one person engaged in the installation or construction is present is permitted.
The top of the temporary barrier shall be at least 48 inches (1219 mm) above grade measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the swimming pool.
A temporary barrier shall be replaced by a complying permanent barrier within either of the following periods:
Suction outlets shall be designed to produce circulation throughout the pool or spa. Single-outlet systems, such as automatic vacuum cleaner systems, or multiple suction outlets, whether isolated by valves or otherwise, shall be protected against user entrapment.
Suction outlets may be designed and installed in accordance with ANSI/APSP-7.
Pool and spa suction outlets shall have a cover that conforms to ANSI/ASME A112.19.8, or an 18 inch × 23 inch (457mm by 584 mm) drain grate or larger, or an approved channel drain system.

Surface skimmers
Pool and spa single- or multiple-outlet circulation systems shall be equipped with atmospheric vacuum relief should grate covers located therein become missing or broken. This vacuum relief system shall include at least one approved or engineered method of the type specified herein, as follows:

1. Safety vacuum release system conforming to ASME A112.19.17; or
2. An approved gravity drainage system.
Single or multiple pump circulation systems have a minimum of two suction outlets of the approved type. A minimum horizontal or vertical distance of 3 feet (914 mm) shall separate the outlets. These suction outlets shall be piped so that water is drawn through them simultaneously through a vacuum-relief-protected line to the pump or pumps.
Where provided, vacuum or pressure cleaner fitting(s) shall be located in an accessible position(s) at least 6 inches (152 mm) and not more than 12 inches (305 mm) below the minimum operational water level or as an attachment to the skimmer(s).
A swimming pool or spa installed, constructed or substantially modified after December 14, 2006, shall be equipped with an approved pool alarm.


1. A hot tub or spa equipped with a safety cover which complies with ASTM F1346, as listed in Section AG109.
2. A swimming pool (other than a hot tub or spa) equipped with an automatic power safety cover which complies with ASTM F1346, as listed in Section AG109.

Pool alarms shall comply with ASTM F2208, as listed in Section AG109, and shall be installed, used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and this section.
A pool alarm must be capable of detecting entry into the water at any point on the surface of the swimming pool. If necessary to provide detection capability at every point on the surface of the swimming pool, more than one pool alarm shall be provided.
Pool alarms shall activate upon detecting entry into the water and shall sound poolside and inside the dwelling.
The use of personal immersion alarms shall not be construed as compliance with this section.
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