Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.
This appendix provides general guidelines for the requirements for vacuum drainage systems.
Vacuum drainage systems shall be designed in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations. The system layout, including piping layout, tank assemblies, vacuum pump assembly and other components/designs necessary for proper function of the system shall be per manufacturer's recommendations. Plans, specifications and other data for such systems shall be submitted to the local administrative authority for review and approval prior to installation.
Gravity-type fixtures used in vacuum drainage systems shall comply with Chapter 4 of this code.
Fixture units for gravity drainage systems which discharge into or receive discharge from vacuum drainage systems shall be based on values in Chapter 7 of this code.
Water supply fixture units shall be based on values in Chapter 6 of this code with the addition that the fixture unit of a vacuum-type water closet shall be "1."
Gravity-type fixtures shall be provided with traps and cleanouts in accordance with Chapters 7 and 10 of this code.
Vacuum drainage pipe, fitting and valve materials shall be as recommended by the vacuum drainage system manufacturer and as permitted by this code.
After completion of the entire system installation, the system shall be subjected to a vacuum test of 19 inches (483 mm) of mercury and shall be operated to function as required by the administrative authority and the manufacturer. Recorded proof of all tests shall be submitted to the administrative authority.
Written instructions for the operations, maintenance, safety and emergency procedures shall be provided by the building owner as verified by the administrative authority.

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