International Fuel Gas Code 2012 (IFGC 2012)

This chapter lists the standards that are referenced in various sections of this document. The standards are listed herein by the promulgating agency of the standard, the standard identification, the effective date and title, and the section or sections of this document that reference the standard. The application of the referenced standards shall be as specified in Section 102.8.

Supplemental standards. The standards listed in this part shall supplement the list of referenced standards in Chapter 8 of the 2012 IFGC. The standards referenced in this rule shall be considered part of the requirements of this rule to the extent prescribed in each rule or reference.

ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
25 West 43rd Street
Fourth Floor
New York, NY 10036
in code
section number
ANSI A13.1—2007Scheme for the Identification of Piping Systems704.1.2.2
ANSI CSA-America
FC 1—03
Stationery Fuel Cell Power Systems633.1
LC 1/CSA 6.26—05Fuel Gas Piping Systems Using Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST)403.5.4
ANSI LC-4—12Press-connect Copper and Copper Alloy Fittings for Use In Fuel Gas Distribution Systems403.10.1, 403.10.2
Z21.1—05Household Cooking Gas Appliances623.1
Z21.5.1/CSA 7.1—06Gas Clothes Dryers—Volume I—Type 1 Clothes Dryers613.1
Z21.5.2/CSA 7.2—05Gas Clothes Dryers—Volume II—Type 2 Clothes Dryers613.1, 614.3
Z21.8—94 (R2002)Installation of Domestic Gas Conversion Burners619.1
Z21.10.1/CSA 4.1—09Gas Water Heaters—Volume I—Storage, Water Heaters with Input Ratings
of 75,000 Btu per Hour or Less
Z21.10.3/CSA 4.3—04Gas Water Heaters—Volume III—Storage, Water Heaters with Input Ratings
Above 75,000 Btu per hour, Circulating and Instantaneous
Z21.11.2—07Gas-fired Room Heaters-Volume II-Unvented Room Heaters621.1
Z21.13/CSA 4.9—10Gas-fired Low-pressure Steam and Hot Water Boilers631.1
Z21.15/CGA 9.1—09Manually Operated Gas Valves for Appliances, Appliance Connector Valves and Hose End Valves409.1.1
Z21.19/CSA 1.4—02(R2007)Refrigerators Using Gas (R1999) Fuel625.1
Z21.24/CGA 6.10—06Connectors for Gas Appliances411.1
Z21.40.1/CGA 2.91—96
Gas-Fired Heat Activated Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Appliances627.1
Z21.40.2/CGA 2.92—96
Gas-Fired Work Activated Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Appliances (Internal Combustion)627.1
Z21.42—93 (R2002)Gas-Fired Illuminating Appliances628.1
Z21.47/CSA 2.3—06Gas-Fired Central Furnaces 618.1
Z21.50/CSA 2.22—07Vented Gas Fireplaces604.1
Z21.56/CSA 4.7—06Gas-Fired Pool Heaters617.1
Z21.58/CSA 1.6—07Outdoor Cooking Gas Appliances623.1
Z21.60/CSA 2.26—03Decorative Gas Appliances for Installation in Solid-fuel Burning Fireplaces602.1
Z21.61—83 (R2004)Gas-fired Toilets626.1
Z21.69/CSA 6.16—09Connectors for Movable Gas Appliances411.1.1
Z21.75/CSA 6.27—07Connectors for Outdoor Gas Appliances and Manufactured Homes411.1, 411.2
Z21.80—03(R2008)Line Pressure Regulators410.1
Z21.84—02Manually-lighted, Natural Gas Decorative Gas Appliances for Installation in
Solid Fuel Burning Fireplaces—with Addenda Z21.84a-2003
602.1, 602.2
Z21.86—08Vented Gas-fired Space Heating Appliances608.1, 609.1, 622.1
Z21.88/CSA 2.33—09Vented Gas Fireplace Heaters605.1
Z21.91—07Ventless Firebox Enclosures for Gas-fired Unvented Decorative Room Heaters621.7.1
Z21.97—09Outdoor Decorative Appliances636
Z83.4/CSA 3.7—03Nonrecirculating Direct-gas-fired Industrial Air Heaters 611.1
Z83.6—90 (R1998)Gas-fired Infrared Heaters630.1
Z83.8/CSA 2.6—09Gas Unit Heater, Gas Packaged Heater, Gas Utility Heaters and Gas-fired Duct Furnaces 620.1
Z83.11/CSA 1.8—06Gas Food Service Equipment623.1
Z83.18—04Recirculating Direct Gas-fired Industrial Air Heaters612.1
Z83.19—01(R2005)Gas-fired High-intensity Infrared Heaters630.1
Z83.20—08Gas-fired Low-intensity Infrared Heaters630.1
ASMEAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers
Three Park Avenue
New York, NY 10016-5990
in code
section number
(Reaffirmed 2006)
Pipe Threads, General Purpose (inch)403.9
(Reaffirmed 2004)
Cast-iron Pipe Flanges and Flanged Fittings, Class 25, 125 and 250403.12
(Reaffirmed 2007)
Metallic Gaskets for Pipe Flanges Ring-joint, Spiral-wound and Jacketed403.12
(Reaffirmed 2007)
Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in Gas Piping Systems
up to 125 psig (Sizes 1/2 through 2)
(Reaffirmed 2007)
Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in Aboveground Piping Systems
Up to 5 psi
B31.3—04Process Piping704.1.2, 704.1.2.4, 705.2, 705.3
B36.10M—2004Welded and Seamless Wrought-steel Pipe403.4.2
BPVC—07ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (2007 Edition)631.1, 703.2.2, 703.3.3, 703.3.4
CSD-1—2009Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers631.1
ASTMASTM International
100 Barr Harbor Drive
West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2959
in code
section number
A 53/A 53M—07Specification for Pipe, Steel, Black and Hot Dipped Zinc-coated Welded and Seamless403.4.2
A 106/A 106M—08Specification for Seamless Carbon Steel Pipe for High-temperature Service403.4.2
A 254—97 (2007)Specification for Copper Brazed Steel Tubing403.5.1
B 88—03Specification for Seamless Copper Water Tube 403.5.2
B 210—04Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-alloy Drawn Seamless Tubes403.5.3
B 241/B 241M—02Specification for Aluminum and Aluminum-alloy, Seamless Pipe
and Seamless Extruded Tube
403.4.4, 403.5.3
C 315—07Specification for Clay Flue Liners and Chimney Pots501.12
D 2513—09Specification for Polyethylene (PE) Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing and Fittings403.6, 403.6.1, 403.11, 404.17.2
D 2513—08bSpecification for Thermoplastic Gas Pressure Pipe, Tubing and Fittings403.6
F 1973—08Standard Specification for Factory Assembled Anodeless Risers and
Transition Fittings in Polyethylene (PE) and Polyamide 11 (PA11)
and Polyamide 12 (PA12) Fuel Gas Distribution Systems
CGACompressed Gas Association
1725 Jefferson Davis High way, 5th Floor
Arlington, VA 22202-4102
in code
section number
S-1.1—(2002)Pressure Relief Device Standards—Part 1—Cylinders for Compressed Gases703.3
S-1.2—(1995)Pressure Relief Device Standards—Part 2—Cargo and Portable Tanks for Compressed Gases703.3
S-1.3—(1995)Pressure Relief Device Standards—Part 3—Stationary Storage Containers for Compressed Gases703.3
CSACSA America Inc.
8501 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Cleveland, OH USA 44131-5575
in code
section number
ANSI CSA America
Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems633.1
CSA 8—93Requirements for Gas-fired Log Lighters for Wood Burning Fireplaces—with
Revisions through January 1999
DOTnDepartment of Transportation
400 Seventh St. SW.
Washington, DC 20590
in code
section number
49 CFR, Parts 192.281(e)
& 192.283 (b)—(2009)
Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipeline: Minimum Federal Safety Standards403.6.1
49 CFR Parts 100—180Hazardous Materials Regulations703.2.2, 703.3.3, 703.3.4
ICCInternational Code Council, Inc.
500 New Jersey Ave, NW
6th Floor
Washington, DC 20001
in code
section number
IBC—12International Building Code®102.2.1, 201.3, 301.10, 301.11, 301.12, 301.14, 302.1, 302.2, 305.6, 306.6, 401.1.1, 412.6, 413.3, 413.3.1, 501.1, 501.3, 501.12, 501.15.4, 609.3, 614.2, 706.2, 706.3
IECC—12International Energy Conservation Code®301.2
IFC—12International Fire Code®201.3, 401.2, 412.1, 412.6, 412.7, 412.7.3, 412.8, 413.1, 413.3, 413.3.1, 413.5, 413.9.2.5, 701.1, 701.2, 703.2, 703.2.2, 703.3.8, 703.4, 703.5, 704.1.2, 704.3, 704.4, 706.2, 706.3, 707.1, 707.2, 708.1
IMC—12International Mechanical Code®101.2.5, 201.3, 301.1.1, 301.13, 304.11, 501.1, 614.2, 618.5,621.1, 624.1, 631.2, 632.1, 703.1.2
IPC—12International Plumbing Code®201.3, 301.6, 624.1.1, 624.2
IRC—12International Residential Code®703.2.1
MSSManufacturers Standardization Society of
the Valve and Fittings Industry
127 Park Street, Northeast
Vienna, VA 22180
in code
section number
SP-6—01Standard Finishes for Contact Faces of Pipe Flanges and Connecting-end Flanges
of Valves and Fittings
SP-58—93Pipe Hangers and Supports-Materials, Design and Manufacture407.2
NFPANational Fire Protection Association
1 Batterymarch Park
Quincy, MA 02269-9101
in code
section number
30A—12Code for Motor Fuel Dispensing Facilities and Repair Garages305.4
37—10Installation and Use of Stationary Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines616.1
51—02Design and Installation of Oxygen-fuel Gas Systems for Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes414.1
54—12National Fuel Gas Code301.3
58—11Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code401.2, 402.6, 403.11
70—11National Electrical Code 306.3.1, 306.4.1, 306.5.2, 309.2, 413.9.2.4, 703.6
82—09Incinerators, Waste and Linen Handling Systems and Equipment503.2.5, 607.1
85—11Boiler and Combustion Systems Hazards Code631.1
88A—11Parking Structures305.9
211—10Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel-burning Appliances503.5.2, 503.5.3, 503.5.6.1, 503.5.6.3
409—10Aircraft Hangars305.11
853—10Installation of Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems 633.1
ULUnderwriters Laboratories Inc.
333 Pfingsten Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
in code
section number
103—2001Factory-built Chimneys, Residential Type and Building Heating Appliances—with
Revisions through March 2010
127—08Factory-built Fireplaces—with Revisions through January 2010621.7
441—2010Gas Vents—with Revisions through August 2006502.1
641—95Type L Low-temperature Venting Systems—with Revisions through July 2009 502.1
651—05Schedule 40 and 80 Rigid PVC Conduit and Fittings—with Revisions through March 2010403.6.3
795—2006Commercial-industrial Gas Heating Equipment—with Revisions through April 2010610.1, 618.1, 631.1
959—01Medium Heat Appliance Factory-built Chimneys—with Revisions through June 2010506.3
1738—1993Venting Systems for Gas Burning Appliances, Categories II, III and IV—with
Revisions through October 2006
1777—2007Chimney Liners—with Revisions through July 2009501.12, 501.15.4
2200—98Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies—with Revisions through December 2009616.1
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