International Fire Code 2012 (IFC 2012)

ICC 300 Bleachers, Folding and Telescopic Seating, and Grandstands

Group A – Assembly (50 or more persons):

A-1 – Theaters (performing arts, fixed seats)

A-2 – Dining and drinking (bars, restaurants, clubs)

A-3 – Auditoriums, gymnasiums, museums, worship, libraries, recreation, amusement, etc.

A-4 – Arenas, swimming pools, tennis courts (indoor spectator seating)

A-5 – Stadiums, grandstands (outdoor seating)

Group B – Business:

Professional services

College/university classrooms


Clinics (including outpatient)

Motor vehicle showrooms

Electronic data processing

Assembly – less than 50 persons

Group E – Educational (through 12th grade):



Adult Day Care (occupants capable of escape)

Day Care – older children (see I-4 for younger)

Group F – Factory/Industrial:

Group F-1 – Moderate Hazard (combustible materials):

– Aircraft

– Automobiles

– Boats

– Metals

– Rugs

– Woodworking

Group F-2 – Low Hazard – Not a significant fire risk (mostly non-combustible materials):

– Non-alcoholic beverages

– Brick & Masonry

– Ceramic products

– Glass

– Gypsum

– Ice

– Metal Products (fabrication & assembly)

Group H – Hazardous Occupancies:

Group H-1: detonation hazard (explosive materials)

Group H-2: deflagration/accelerated burning (flammable/combustible liquids in use, dusts)

Group H-3: readily support combustion or pose physical hazard (flammable/combustible liquids in storage, flammable solids, Class 2 or 3 oxidizers)

Group H-4: health hazards (corrosives, toxic and highly toxic materials)

Group H-5: semiconductor fabrication

Group I – Institutional:

Group I-1 (more than 16 persons):

– Supervised custodial care (assisted living, group homes, congregate care, half-way houses, board & care, Supervised living facilities – Class A-2)

Group I-2:

– Hospitals

Nursing homes

– Detox centers

Supervised living facilities - Class B-3

Group I-3: jails, prisons, detention centers

Group I-4: Adult and Child day care facilities for 6 or more persons receiving custodial care

Group M – Mercantile:

– Stores

– Retail/wholesale stores

– Sales rooms

– Motor vehicle fuel dispensing (no repairs)

Group R – Residential:

Group R-1 (transient in nature < 30 days):

– Hotels/Motels

Boarding houses – Congregate living (>10)

– Bed & breakfast with 6 or more guest rooms

Group R-2 (Nontransient > 30 days):

– Apartments – Condominiums


Boarding houses – Congregate living (> 16)

– Hotels/Motels (nontransient)

– Fraternities and sororities

– Convents/Monasteries

Group R-3:

– One- & two-family homes

– Bed & breakfast with 5 or fewer rooms

Boarding houses/Congregate living (< 6)

– Day care (family & group family) (< 6)

– Housing w/services/Assisted Living (< 6)

Supervised living facilities (A-1 & B-1)

Group R-4: Supervised residential care (6-16 people):

– Housing w/services/Assisted living

– Treatment facilities

Supervised living facilities (A-2 and B-2)

Group S – Storage:

Group S-1: moderate hazard (combustible):

– Combustible materials

– Vehicle repair garages

Group S-2: low hazard (non-combustible):

– Metal items

– Glass, ceramic, food products

– Parking garages

Group U – Miscellaneous:

– Private garages/Carports

– Fences/Retaining Walls

– Towers/Tanks

– Sheds

Agricultural buildings/Barns/Greenhouse

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