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This part applies to manlifts.
  1. Definition. A device consisting of a power driven endless belt provided with steps or platforms and handholds attached to it for the vertical transportation of personnel.
  2. Installation and Limitation of Use. The installation of new manlifts is hereby prohibited, and any presently existing manlifts shall be removed from use not later than May 23, 1984 unless expressly excepted in this section.

      EXCEPTIONS: The installation of manlifts in flour mills is not prohibited. The requirement of removal from use not later than May 23, 1984 is not applicable to flour mills, borax silos, parking structures, or electric generating stations, provided that any manlift in such facility is completely enclosed by a fence, and access gates thereto are locked so as to prevent unauthorized and untrained personnel from using the device, and provided further that the City has authority to enter the premises in order to insure that the fence and locked gates are provided and properly maintained.