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About this chapter: Chapter 7 defers to the International Fuel Gas Code® for combustion air provisions for gas-fired appliances. This code addresses oil-fired and solid-fuel-fired appliances; therefore, Chapter 7 is brief, referring to the manufacturer for solid-fuel appliances and NFPA 31 for oil-fired appliances. Combustion air must be provided to appliances to prevent poor combustion that can create multiple health and safety hazards.
Solid fuel-burning appliances shall be provided with combustion air in accordance with the appliance manufacturer's installation instructions. Oil-fired appliances shall be provided with combustion air in accordance with NFPA 31. The methods of providing combustion air in this chapter do not apply to fireplaces, fireplace stoves and direct-vent appliances. The requirements for combustion and dilution air for gas-fired appliances shall be in accordance with the International Fuel Gas Code.
Where combustion air openings are provided with volume, smoke or fire dampers, the dampers shall be interlocked with the firing cycle of the appliances served, so as to prevent operation of any appliance that draws combustion air from the room or space when any of the dampers are closed. Manual dampers shall not be installed in combustion air ducts. Ducts not provided with dampers and that pass through rated construction shall be enclosed in a shaft in accordance with the International Building Code.