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The lower the Energy Performance Index, the more efficient the home.

1.New home or, addition1._________
2.Single-family or multiple-family2._________
3.No. of units (if multiple-family)3._________
4.Number of bedrooms4._________
5.Is this a worst case? (yes/no)5._________
6.Conditioned floor area (sq. ft.)6._________
7.Windows, type and area
a) U-factor:7a._________
b) Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)7b._________
c) Area7c._________
a) U-factor8a._________
b) Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)8b._________
9.Floor type, insulation level:
a) Slab-on-grade (R-value)9a._________
b) Wood, raised (R-value)9b._________
c) Concrete, raised (R-value)9c._________
10.Wall type and insulation:
A. Exterior:
1. Wood frame (Insulation R-value)10A1._________
2. Masonry (Insulation R-value)10A2._________
B. Adjacent:
1. Wood frame (Insulation R-value)10B1._________
2. Masonry (Insulation R-value)10B2._________
11.Ceiling type and insulation level
a) Under attic11a._________
b) Single assembly11b._________
c) Knee walls/skylight walls11c._________
d) Radiant barrier installed11d._________
12.Ducts, location & insulation level
a) Supply ductsR=_________
b) Return ductsR=_________
c) AHU location
13.Cooling system:Capacity:________
a) Split systemSEER_________
b) Single packageSEER_________
c) Ground/water sourceCOP_________
d) Room unit/PTACEER_________
e) Other__________________
14.Heating system:
a) Split system heat pumpHSPF_________
b) Single package heat pumpHSPF_________
c) Electric resistanceCOP_________
d) Gas furnace, natural gasAFUE_________
e) Gas furnace, LPGAFUE_________
f) Other__________________
15.Water heating system
a) Electric resistanceEF_________
b) Gas fired, natural gasEF_________
c) Gas fired, LPGEF_________
d) Solar system with tankEF_________
e) Dedicated heat pump with tankEF_________
f) Heat recovery unitHeatRec%_______
g) Other__________________
16.HVAC credits claimed (Performance Method) _________
a) Ceiling fans_________
b) Cross ventilation_________
c) Whole house fan_________
d) Multizone cooling credit_________
e) Multizone heating credit_________
f) Programmable thermostat_________
*Label required by Section R303.1.3 of the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation, if not DEFAULT.
I certify that this home has complied with the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation, through the above energy saving features which will be installed (or exceeded) in this home before final inspection. Otherwise, a new EPL display card will be completed based on installed code compliant features.
Builder Signature:_________________________________________Date:_________________________________________
Address of New Home: ____________________________________City/FL Zip: _________________________________________

FORM R400D-2017





Laboratory:_______________________________Date of Test: _____________________
Report Approved By: _______________________Report No: _______________________
Manufacturer: _____________________________Model No:________________________
Construction Type: _________________________
Recommended for use with refrigeration system capacities of ____________________ tons.
Design Pressure: _________________________Water side: ___________________ psig
Refrigerant side: ________________ psig
Test results at Standard Conditions:
Test refrigerant designation: _________________________
Tested at system capacity: __________________________ tons
Total system hot gas superheat: _____________________ Btu/h
Total useful heat exchange effect: ____________________ Btu/h
Water pump input: ________________________________ watts
NET SUPERHEAT RECOVERY: _____________________ %
Residential Building Thermal Envelope Approach
FORM R402-2017Climate Zone

Scope: Compliance with Section R401.2(1) of the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation, shall be demonstrated by the use of Form R402 for single- and multiple-family residences of three stories or less in height, additions to existing residential buildings, alterations, renovations and building systems in existing buildings, as applicable. To comply, a building must meet or exceed all of the energy efficiency requirements on Table R402A and all applicable mandatory requirements summarized in Table R402B of this form. If a building does not comply with this method, or by the UA Alternative method, it may still comply under Section R405 of the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation.


General Instructions:

  1. Fill in all the applicable spaces of the "To Be Installed" column on Table R402A with the information requested. All "To Be Installed" values must be equal to or more efficient than the required levels.
  2. Complete page 1 based on the "To Be Installed" column information.
  3. Read the requirements of Table R402B and check each box to indicate your intent to comply with all applicable items.
  4. Read, sign and date the "Prepared By" certification statement at the bottom of page 1. The owner or owner's agent must also sign and date the form.
1.New construction, addition, or existing building1.______________________________________
2.Single-family detached or multiple-family attached2.______________________________________
3.If multiple-family, number of units covered by this submission3.______________________________________
4.Is this a worst case? (yes/no)4.______________________________________
5.Conditioned floor area (sq. ft.)5.______________________________________
6.Windows, type and area
a) U-factor:6a.______________________________________
b) Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)6b.______________________________________
c) Area6c.______________________________________
a) U-factor:7a.______________________________________
b) Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)7b.______________________________________
8.Floor type, area or perimeter, and insulation:
a) Slab-on-grade (R-value)8a.______________________________________
b) Wood, raised (R-value)8b.______________________________________
c) Wood, common (R-value)8c.______________________________________
d) Concrete, raised (R-value)8d.______________________________________
e) Concrete, common (R-value)8e.______________________________________
9.Wall type and insulation:
a) Exterior:1. Wood frame (Insulation R-value)9a1.______________________________________
2. Masonry (Insulation R-value)9a2.______________________________________
b) Adjacent:1. Wood frame (Insulation R-value)9b1.______________________________________
2. Masonry (Insulation R-value)9b2.______________________________________
10.Ceiling type and insulation
a) Attic (Insulation R-value)10a.______________________________________
b) Single assembly (Insulation R-value)10b.______________________________________
11.Air distribution system:
a) Duct location, insulation11a.______________________________________
b) AHU location11b.______________________________________
c) Total duct leakage. Test report attached.11c._______________cfm/100 s.f.Yes □ No □
12.Cooling system:a) type12a.______________________________________
b) efficiency12b.______________________________________
13.Heating system:a) type13a.______________________________________
b) efficiency13b.______________________________________
14.HVAC sizing calculation: attached14.________________________________Yes □ No □
15.Water heating system:a) type15a.______________________________________
b) efficiency15b.______________________________________
I hereby certify that the plans and specifications covered by this form are in compliance with the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation.Review of plans and specifications covered by this form indicate compliance with the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation. Before construction is complete, this building will be inspected for compliance in accordance with Section 553.908, F.S.
PREPARED BY:____________________________ Date__________
I hereby certify that this building is in compliance with the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation.CODE OFFICIAL:______________________________
OWNER/AGENT:___________________________ Date:__________Date: ____________
Climate Zone 1Climate Zone 2
WindowsU-Factor = NRU-Factor = 0.402U-Factor =
SHGC = 0.25SHGC = 0.25SHGC =
SkylightsU-factor = 0.75U-factor = 0.65U-factor =
SHGC = 0.30SHGC = 0.30SHGC =
Doors: Exterior doorU-factor = NRU-factor = 0.403U-factor=
Over unconditioned spaces4R-13R-13R-Value =
Walls4 : Ext. and Adj.
FrameR-13R-13R-Value =
Insulation on wall interiorR-4R-6R-Value =
Insulation on wall exteriorR-3R-4R-Value =
Ceilings5R=30R=38R-Value =
Air infiltrationBlower door test is required on the building envelope to verify leakage ≤ 7 ACH;Total leakage = ACH
test report provided to code official.Test report attached?
Yes □ No □
Air distribution system5 :
Air handling unitNot allowed in attic
Duct R-valueR-value ≥ R-8 (supply in attics) or ≥ R-6 (all other duct locations)Location:
R-Value =
Air leakage5:
Duct testPostconstruction testTotal leakage ≤ 4 cfm/100 s.f.Total leakage =_______ cfm/100s.f.
Rough-in testTotal leakage ≤ 4 cfm/100 s.f. (air handler installed)Test report Attached? Yes □ No □
Total leakage ≤ 3 cfm/100 s.f. (air handler not installed)Location:
Ducts in conditioned spaceTest not required if all ducts and AHU are in conditioned space
Air conditioning system:Minimum federal standard required by NAECA6:
Central system ≤ 65,000 Btu/hSEER 14.0SEER =
Room unit or PTACEER [from Table C403.2.3(3)]EER =
Other:See Tables C403.2.3(1)-(11)
Heating system:Minimum federal standard required by NAECA6:
Heat pump ≤ 65,000 Btu/hHSPF 8.2HSPF =
Gas furnace, non-weatherizedAFUE 80%AFUE =
Oil furnace, non-weatherizedAFUE 83%AFUE =
Water heating system (storage type):Minimum federal standard required by NAECA6:
Electric740 gal: EF = 0.92Gallons =
50 gal: EF = 0.90EF =
Gas fired840 gal: EF = 0.59Gallons =
50 gal: EF = 0.58EF =
Other (describe):

NR = No requirement.

  1. Each component present in the As Proposed home must meet or exceed each of the applicable performance criteria in order to comply with this code using this method.
  2. For impact rated fenestration complying with Section R301.2.1.2 of the Florida Building Code, Residential or Section 1609.1.2 of the Florida Building Code, Building, the maximum U-factor shall be 0.65 in Climate Zone 2. An area-weighted average of U-factor and SHGC shall be accepted to meet the requirements, or up to 15 square feet of glazed fenestration area are exempted from the U-factor and SHGC requirement based on Sections R402.3.1, R402.3.2 and R402.3.3.
  3. One side-hinged opaque door assembly up to 24 square feet is exempted from this U-factor requirement.
  4. R-values are for insulation material only as applied in accordance with manufacturer's installation instructions. For mass walls, the "interior of wall" requirement must be met except if at least 50 percent of the insulation required for the "exterior of wall" is installed exterior of, or integral to, the wall.
  5. Ducts & AHU installed "substantially leak free" per Section R403.3.2. Test required by either individuals as defined in Section 553.993(5) or (7), Florida Statutes, or individuals licensed as set forth in Section 489.105(3)(f), (g) or (i), Florida Statutes. The total leakage test is not required for ducts and air handlers located entirely within the building thermal envelope.
  6. Minimum efficiencies are those set by the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1987 for typical residential equipment and are subject to NAECA rules and regulations. For other types of equipment, see Tables C403.2.3(1-11) of the Commercial Provisions of the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation.
  7. For other electric storage volumes, minimum EF = 0.97 - (0.00132 * volume).
  8. For other natural gas storage volumes, minimum EF = 0.67 - (0.0019 * volume).
ComponentSectionSummary of Requirement(s)Check
Air leakageR402.4To be caulked, gasketed, weatherstripped or otherwise sealed per Table R402.4.1.1. Recessed lighting: IC-rated as having ≤ 2.0 cfm tested to ASTM E 283.
Windows and doors: 0.3 cfm/sq. ft. (swinging doors: 0.5 cfm/sf) when tested to NFRC 400 or AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S. 2/A440.
Fireplaces: Tight-fitting flue dampers & outdoor combustion air.
Programmable thermostatR403.1.2A programmable thermostat is required for the primary heating or cooling system.
Air distribution systemR403.3.2Ducts shall be tested as per Section R403.3.2 by either individuals as defined in Section 553.993(5) or (7), Florida Statutes, or individuals licensed as set forth in Section 489.105(3) (f), (g) or (i), Florida Statutes. Air handling units are not allowed in attics.
Water heatersR403.5Comply with efficiencies in Table C404.2. Hot water pipes insulated to ≥ R-3 to kitchen outlets, other cases.
Circulating systems to have an automatic or accessible manual OFF switch. Heat trap required for vertical pipe risers.
Swimming pools & spasR403.10Spas and heated pools must have vapor-retardant covers or a liquid cover or other means proven to reduce heat loss except if 70% of heat from site-recovered energy. Off/timer switch required. Gas heaters minimum thermal efficiency is 82%. Heat pump pool heaters minimum COP is 4.0.
Cooling/heating equipmentR403.7Sizing calculation performed & attached. Special occasion cooling or heating capacity requires separate system or variable capacity system.
Lighting equipmentR404.1At least 75% of permanently installed lighting fixtures shall be high-efficacy lamps.
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