NFPA 1, 2015

Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.
Solvent extraction plants shall comply with NFPA 36, Standard for Solvent Extraction Plants, and Chapter 44.
Chapter 44 shall apply to the following:
  1. The commercial scale extraction processing of animal and vegetable oils and fats by the use of Class I flammable hydrocarbon liquids, hereinafter referred to as "solvents" [36:1.1.1]
  2. Any equipment and buildings that are located within 100 ft (30 m) of the extraction process [36:1.1.2]
  3. The unloading, storage, and handling of solvents, regardless of distance from the extraction process [36:1.1.3]
  4. The means by which material to be extracted is conveyed from the preparation process to the extraction process [36:1.1.4]
  5. The means by which extracted desolventized solids and oil oils are conveyed from the extraction process [36:1.1.5]
  6. Preparation and meal finishing processes that are connected by conveyor to the extraction process, regardless of intervening distance [36:1.1.6]
Chapter 44 shall not apply to the following:
  1. The storage of raw materials or finished products [36:1.1.7]
  2. Extraction processes that use liquids that are miscible with water [36:1.1.8]
  3. Extraction processes that use flammable gases, liquefied petroleum gases, or nonflammable gases [36:1.1.9]
Permits, where required, shall comply with Section 1.12.
The use of processes that employ oxygen-active compounds that are heat or shock sensitive, such as certain organic peroxides, shall be prohibited within the area defined in 44.2.1(2). [36:1.1.10]
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