International Building Code 2018 (IBC 2018)

Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.
The provisions contained in this appendix are not mandatory unless specifically referenced in the adopting ordinance.
Every structure located where the 1-second spectral response acceleration, S1, determined in accordance with Section 1613.2, is greater than 0.40 and either exceeds six stories in height with an aggregate floor area of 60,000 square feet (5574 m2) or more, or exceeds 10 stories in height regardless of floor area, shall be equipped with not fewer than three approved recording accelerographs. The accelerographs shall be interconnected for common start and common timing.
As a minimum, instruments shall be located at the lowest level, mid-height, and near the top of the structure. Each instrument shall be located so that access is maintained at all times and is unobstructed by room contents. A sign stating "MAINTAIN CLEAR ACCESS TO THIS INSTRUMENT" in 1-inch (25 mm) block letters shall be posted in a conspicuous location.

Maintenance and service of the instrumentation shall be provided by the owner of the structure. Data produced by the instrument shall be made available to the building official on request.

Maintenance and service of the instruments shall be performed annually by an approved testing agency. The owner shall file with the building official a written report from an approved testing agency certifying that each instrument has been serviced and is in proper working condition. This report shall be submitted when the instruments are installed and annually thereafter. Each instrument shall have affixed to it an externally visible tag specifying the date of the last maintenance or service and the printed name and address of the testing agency.

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