International Building Code 2018 (IBC 2018)

Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.

Parking spaces shall comply with 502. Where parking spaces are marked with lines, width measurements of parking spaces and access aisles shall be made from the centerline of the markings.

EXCEPTION: Where parking spaces or access aisles are not adjacent to another parking space or access aisle, measurements shall be permitted to include the full width of the line defining the parking space or access aisle.

Vehicle parking spaces shall be either 8 feet (2440 mm) wide minimum or 11 feet (3350 mm) wide minimum, shall be marked to define the width, and shall have an adjacent access aisle complying with 502.3.

Figure 502.2

Vehicle Parking Spaces

Access aisles serving parking spaces shall comply with 502.3. Access aisles shall adjoin an accessible route. Two parking spaces shall be permitted to share a common access aisle.

EXCEPTION: Diagonal parking spaces shall not share an access aisle. Access aisles serving diagonal accessible parking spaces shall be located on the passenger side of the vehicle space.

Figure 502.3 (a)

Parking Space Access Aisle

Figure 502.3 (b)

Diagonal Parking Space Access Aisle

The combined width of an accessible parking space and its adjacent access aisle shall be 16 feet (4875 mm) minimum. Access aisles serving parking spaces that are 11 feet (3350 mm) wide minimum shall be 5 feet (1525 mm) wide minimum. Access aisles serving parking spaces that are less than 11 feet (3350 mm) wide shall be 8 feet (2440 mm) wide minimum.

Access aisles shall extend the full length of the parking spaces they serve.
Access aisles shall be marked with diagonal striping so as to discourage parking in them. A high quality yellow paint recommended by the paint manufacturer for pavement striping shall be used.
Access aisles shall not overlap the vehicular way. Access aisles shall be permitted to be placed on either side of the parking space except for angled parking spaces required by 208.2.4 which shall have access aisles located on the passenger side of the parking spaces (see Figure 502.3 (b).

Parking spaces and access aisles serving them shall comply with 302. Access aisles shall be at the same level as the parking spaces they serve. Changes in level are not permitted.

EXCEPTION: Slopes not steeper than 1:48 shall be permitted.

Parking spaces required by 208.2.4, and access aisles and vehicular routes serving them, shall provide a vertical clearance of 98 inches (2490 mm) minimum.

Accessible parking spaces shall be designated as reserved by providing a permanently mounted R7-8 (U.S. Department of Transportation standard; see Figure 502.6 (a)) sign which contains the international symbol of accessibility. Such signs shall exhibit the dollar amount of the fine as required by the Illinois Vehicle Code [625 ILCS 5/1124 and 301.1] or the higher amount if required by local ordinance (see Figure 502.6 (b)). Signs shall be vertically mounted on a post or wall at front center of the parking space, no more than 6 feet (1830 mm) horizontally from the front of the parking space and set a minimum of 5 feet (1525 mm) and a maximum of 9 feet (2745 mm) from finished grade to the bottom of the R7-8 sign.

Legend and Border—Pantone 340C

Internaonal Symbol of Accessibility—White on Pantone 286 Background


Reduce Spacing 80%


This is a standard sign and may be ordered from any traffic sign supplier by number.

The arrow may be

  • Omitted if there is only one accessible space.
  • Made to point in one direcon.
  • Replaced by a range of me such as "9 AM-5 PM" where a part-me restricon exists.

The sign must be supplemented with the Illinois Standard R7-I101 plate showing the amount of the fine for illegally parking in the reserved accessible space(s).

Figure 502.6 (a)

Parking Sign

Figure 502.6 (b)

Parking Fine Sign

Parking spaces and access aisles shall be designed so that vehicles, when parked, cannot obstruct the required clear width of adjacent accessible routes.
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