Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.
The purpose of this chapter is to provide regulations for the preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction of associated historical features of qualified historical buildings, properties or districts (as defined in Chapter 8-2), and for which Chapters 8-3 through 8-9 of the CHBC may not apply.

This chapter applies to the associated historical features of qualified historical buildings or properties such as historical districts that are beyond the buildings themselves which include, but are not limited to, natural features and designed site and landscape plans with natural and man-made landscape elements that support their function and aesthetics. This may include, but will not be limited to:

  1. Site plan layout configurations and relationships (pedestrian, equestrian and vehicular site circulation, topographical grades and drainage, and use areas).
  2. Landscape elements (plant materials, site structures other than the qualified historical building, bridges and their associated structures, lighting, water features, art ornamentation, and pedestrian, equestrian and vehicular surfaces).
  3. Functional elements (utility placement, erosion control and environmental mitigation measures).
The CHBC shall apply to all sites and districts and their features associated with qualified historical buildings or qualified historical districts as outlined in 8-1001.2 Scope.
Where the application of regular code may impact the associated features of qualified historical properties beyond their footprints, by work performed secondarily, those impacts shall also be covered by the CHBC.
This chapter shall be applied for all issues regarding code compliance or other standard or regulation as they affect the purpose of this chapter.
The application of any code or building standard shall not unduly restrict the use of a qualified historical building or property that is otherwise permitted pursuant to Chapter 8-3 and the intent of the State Historical Building Code, Section 18956.
The relationship between a building or property and its site, or the associated features of a district (including qualified historical landscape), site, objects and their features are critical components that may be one of the criteria for these buildings and properties to be qualified under the CHBC. The CHBC recognizes the importance of these relationships. This chapter shall be used to provide context sensitive solutions for treatment of qualified historical buildings, properties, district or their associated historical features, or when work to be performed secondarily impacts the associated historical features of a qualified historical building or property.
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