International Fire Code 2018 (IFC 2018)

Part I — Administrative

Part II — General Safety Provisions

Part III — Building and Equipment Design Features

Part IV — Special Occupancies and Operations

Part V — Hazardous Materials

Part VI — Referenced Standards

Part VII — Appendices

Heads up: There are no amended sections in this chapter.
California Agency Information Contact List

The following state agencies may propose building standards for publication in Title 24. Request notice of such activity with each agency of interest. See Sections 1.2 through 1.14 of the California Building Code (Part 2 of Title 24) for more detailed information on the regulatory jurisdiction of each state agency.

  Board of State and Community Corrections (916) 445-5073
    Local Adult and Juvenile
    Detention Facility Standards
  California Building Standards Commission (916) 263-0916
    State Buildings including UC and
CSU Buildings, Parking Lot and Walkway Lighting,
Green Building Standards for Non-residential Buildings
  California Energy Commission Energy Hotline (800) 772-3300
    Building Efficiency Standards
    Appliance Efficiency Standards
    Compliance Manual/Forms
  California State Lands Commission (562) 499-6312
    Marine Oil Terminal Standards
  California State Library (916) 323-9843
  Department of Consumer Affairs:
  Acupuncture Board (916) 515-5200
    Office Standards
  Board of Pharmacy (916) 518-3100
    Pharmacy Standards
  Bureau of Barbering and Cosmetology (800) 952-5210
    Barber and Beauty Shop,
and College Standards
  Bureau of Household Goods and Services (916) 999-2041
    Insulation Testing Standards
  Structural Pest Control Board (800) 737-8188
    Structural Standards
  Veterinary Medical Board (916) 515-5220
    Veterinary Hospital Standards
  Department of Food and Agriculture
  Meat & Poultry Packing Plant Standards
  Rendering & Collection Center Standards (916) 900-5004
  Dairy Standards (916) 900-5008
  Department of Housing and Community Development (800) 952-8356
    Residential—Hotels, Motels, Apartments,
Single-Family Dwellings; and
    Permanent Structures in Mobilehome &
Special Occupancy Parks
    (916) 445-3338
    Factory-Built Housing, Manufactured Housing &
Commercial Modular
    Mobilehome—Permits & Inspections
    Northern Region—(916) 255-2501
    Southern Region—(951) 782-4420
    (800) 952-8356
    Employee Housing Standards
  Department of Public Health (916) 449-5661
    Organized Camps Standards
    Public Swimming Pools Standards
  Division of the State Architect (916) 445-8100
  Access Compliance  
  Fire and Life Safety  
  Structural Safety  
    Public Schools Standards
    Essential Services Building Standards
    Community College Standards
  State Historical Building Safety Board
    Historical Rehabilitation, Preservation,
Restoration or Relocation Standards
  Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (916) 440-8300
    Hospital Standards
    Skilled Nursing Facility Standards &
Clinic Standards
  Office of the State Fire Marshal (916) 568-3800
    Code Development and Analysis
    Fire Safety Standards
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