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The Department of Housing and Community (HCD) shall develop and propose for adoption to the California Building Standards Commission green building standards related to methods, materials or processes not under the authority of another state agency. HCD also may review and comment on proposals and proposed standards developed by other agencies in order to reduce or eliminate ambiguities or conflicts with HCD's residential standards or authority. The green building standards developed and proposed by HCD would be applicable for residential occupancies including, but not limited to, hotels, motels, lodging houses, apartment houses, dwellings, dormitories, condominiums, shelters for homeless persons, congregate residences, employee housing, factory-built housing and other types of dwellings containing sleeping accommodations with or without common toilets or cooking facilities. The administrative procedures for developing and proposing those standards shall be consistent with this article.
  1. In developing green building standards, the Department of Housing and Community Development shall consult with state entities appropriate for specific standards including, but not limited to, the following state agencies:
    1. The California Department of Resource Recycling and Recovery
    2. The California Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission
    3. The California Air Resources Board
    4. The California Department of Water Resources
    5. The California Department of Transportation
    6. The California Department of General Services
    7. The California Department of Public Health
    8. Office of the State Fire Marshal
  2. HCD also shall consult with representatives from each of the following:
    1. Environmental advocacy groups
    2. Interested city, county, or city and county government and code enforcement entities
    3. The building construction and design industry
    4. Interested public parties
  3. HCD may consult with and seek input from the entities and representatives identified in subsections (a) and (b) either by written comment or in a meeting format and shall consider all input provided during the development of the green building standards which is relevant to specific standards. HCD shall provide written responses to formal comments received during the public comment period for any proposed green building standard.
Authority: Health and Safety Code Sections 17921, 17922 and 19990.
Reference: Health and Safety Code Sections 17000 through 17060, 17910 through 17990 and 19960 through 19997.
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