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To the People of the State of Arkansas [PDF]

Foreword [PDF]

State of Arkansas Arkansas Fire Prevention Code Rules 2012 Edition Definitions [PDF]

Table of Contents [PDF]

Chapter 1 Scope and Administration [PDF]

Chapter 2 Definitions [PDF]

Chapter 3 Building Planning [PDF]

Chapter 4 Foundations [PDF]

Chapter 5 Floors [PDF]

Chapter 6 Wall Construction [PDF]

Chapter 7 Wall Covering [PDF]

Chapter 8 Roof-Ceiling Construction [PDF]

Chapter 9 Roof Assemblies [PDF]

Chapter 10 Chimneys and Fireplaces [PDF]

Chapter 11 [Re] Energy Efficiency [PDF]

Chapter 12 Mechanical Administration [PDF]

Chapter 13 General Mechanical System Requirements [PDF]

Chapter 14 Heating and Cooling Equipment and Appliances [PDF]

Chapter 15 Exhaust Systems [PDF]

Chapter 16 Duct Systems [PDF]

Chapter 17 Combustion Air [PDF]

Chapter 18 Chimneys and Vents [PDF]

Chapter 19 Special Appliances, Equipment and Systems [PDF]

Chapter 20 Boilers and Water Heaters [PDF]

Chapter 21 Hydronic Piping [PDF]

Chapter 22 Special Piping and Storage Systems [PDF]

Chapter 23 Solar Energy Systems [PDF]

Chapter 24 Fuel Gas [PDF]

Chapter 25 Plumbing Administration [PDF]

Chapter 26 General Plumbing Requirements [PDF]

Chapter 27 Plumbing Fixtures [PDF]

Chapter 28 Water Heaters [PDF]

Chapter 29 Water Supply and Distribution [PDF]

Chapter 30 Sanitary Drainage [PDF]

Chapter 31 Vents [PDF]

Chapter 32 Traps [PDF]

Chapter 33 Storm Drainage [PDF]

Chapter 34 General Requirements [PDF]

Chapter 35 Electrical Definitions [PDF]

Chapter 36 Services [PDF]

Chapter 37 Branch Circuit and Feeder Requirements [PDF]

Chapter 38 Wiring Methods [PDF]

Chapter 39 Power and Lighting Distribution [PDF]

Chapter 40 Devices and Luminaires [PDF]

Chapter 41 Appliance Installation [PDF]

Chapter 42 Swimming Pools [PDF]

Chapter 43 Class 2 Remote-Control, Signaling and Power-Limited Circuits [PDF]

Chapter 44 Referenced Standards [PDF]

Appendix A Sizing and Capacities of Gas Piping [PDF]

Appendix B Sizing of Venting Systems Serving Appliances Equipped With Draft Hoods, Category I Appliances, and Appliances Listed for Use With Type B Vents [PDF]

Appendix C Exit Terminals of Mechanical Draft and Direct-Vent Venting Systems [PDF]

Appendix D Recommended Procedure for Safety Inspection of an Existing Appliance Installation [PDF]

Appendix E Manufactured Housing Used as Dwellings [PDF]

Appendix F Radon Control Methods [PDF]

Appendix G Swimming Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs [PDF]

Appendix H Patio Covers [PDF]

Appendix I Private Sewage Disposal [PDF]

Appendix J Existing Buildings and Structures [PDF]

Appendix K Sound Transmission [PDF]

Appendix L Permit Fees [PDF]

Appendix M Home Day Care—r-3 Occupancy [PDF]

Appendix N Venting Methods [PDF]

Appendix O Automatic Vehicular Gates [PDF]

Appendix P Sizing of Water Piping System [PDF]

Appendix Q Icc International Residential Code Electrical Provisions/National Electrical Code Cross [PDF]

Index [PDF]