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When collecting explosives dust, a wet collector system shall be used. Wetting agents shall be compatible with the explosives. Collector systems shall be interlocked with process power supplies so that the process cannot continue without the collector systems operating.

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2203.3.1.1 Combustible Dust-Producing Operations, Location
of the International Mechanical Code. Wet-type dust collectors specifically listed for the type of dust conveyed shall be permitted inside buildings where ...
2203.3 Combustible Dust-Producing Operations, Dust-Collection and Dust-Conveying Systems
be located outside of buildings. Exceptions: Dust collectors inside buildings complying with Section 511 of the International Mechanical Code. Wet ...
12.5.4 Diaphragms, Collectors
Collectors shall extend from the vertical elements of the lateral-force-resisting system across all or part of the diaphragm depth as required ...