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5.407.1 Weather Protection
Provide a weather-resistant exterior wall and foundation envelope as required by California Building Code Section 1402.2 (Weather Protection), manufacturer's installation instructions or local ordinance, whichever is more stringent.
5.407.2 Moisture Control
Employ moisture control measures by the following methods.
5.407.2.1 Sprinklers
Design and maintain landscape irrigation systems to prevent spray on structures.
5.407.2.2 Entries and Openings
Design exterior entries and/or openings subject to foot traffic or wind-driven rain to prevent water intrusion into buildings as follows:
5.407.2.2.1 Exterior Door Protection
Primary exterior entries shall be covered to prevent water intrusion by using nonabsorbent floor and wall finishes within at least 2 feet around and perpendicular to such openings plus at least one of the following:
  1. An installed awning at least 4 feet in depth.
  2. The door is protected by a roof overhang at least 4 feet in depth.
  3. The door is recessed at least 4 feet.
  4. Other methods which provide equivalent protection.
5.407.2.2.2 Flashing
Install flashings integrated with a drainage plane.