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All shear walls, infilled walls and frames are continuous to the foundation.
For buildings designed and constructed in accordance with the 1989 or later editions of Part 2, Title 24, the evaluator may consider this condition as mitigated, and no calculations are necessary. The primary deficiency is in the strength of the columns that support the wall or frame. The secondary deficiency is in the strength of the connecting strut or diaphragm. Conforming buildings which fail these checks shall be placed in SPC 4.
Procedure for columns: Check the columns that support the upper vertical lateral load-resisting element for their capacity to support the gravity loads plus the overturning forces. The overturning forces shall be based on the design forces amplified by the factor Cd /2, but not less than 1.5, or on the capacity of the vertical lateral load-resisting element to resist lateral force if this is greater. The column check shall include P-delta effects.
Procedure for strut or diaphragm: Check the strut or diaphragm for its ability to transfer the load from the discontinuous element to the lower resisting element.

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