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Section M1802 Vent Components

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M1802.1 Draft Hoods
Draft hoods shall be located in the same room or space as the combustion air openings for the appliances.
M1802.2 Vent Dampers
Vent dampers shall comply with Sections M1802.2.1 and M1802.2.2.
M1802.2.1 Manually Operated
Manually operated dampers shall not be installed except in connectors or chimneys serving solid fuel-burning appliances.
M1802.2.2 Automatically Operated
Automatically operated dampers shall conform to UL 17 and be installed in accordance with the terms of their listing and label. The installation shall prevent firing of the burner when the damper is not opened to a safe position.
M1802.3 Draft Regulators
Draft regulators shall be provided for oil-fired appliances that must be connected to a chimney. Draft regulators provided for solid fuel-burning appliances to reduce draft intensity shall be installed and set in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions.
M1802.3.1 Location
Where required, draft regulators shall be installed in the same room or enclosure as the appliance so that a difference in pressure will not exist between the air at the regulator and the combustion air supply.
M1802.4 Blocked Vent Switch
Oil-fired appliances shall be equipped with a device that will stop burner operation in the event that the venting system is obstructed. Such device shall have a manual reset and shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

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