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Individual VAV fans with motors of 7.5 horsepower (5.6 kW) or greater shall be:
  1. Driven by a mechanical or electrical variable speed drive;
  2. Driven by a vane-axial fan with variable-pitch blades; or
  3. The fan shall have controls or devices that will result in fan motor demand of no more than 30 percent of their design wattage at 50 percent of design airflow when static pressure set point equals one-third of the total design static pressure, based on manufacturer's certified fan data.
C403.4.2.1 Static Pressure Sensor Location
Static pressure sensors used to control VAV fans shall be placed in a position such that the controller setpoint is no greater than one-third the total design fan static pressure, except for systems with zone reset control complying with Section C403.4.2.2. For sensors installed down-stream of major duct splits, at least one sensor shall be located on each major branch to ensure that static pressure can be maintained in each branch.
C403.4.2.2 Set Points for Direct Digital Control
For systems with direct digital control of individual zone boxes reporting to the central control panel, the static pressure set point shall be reset based on the zone requiring the most pressure, i.e., the set point is reset lower until one zone damper is nearly wide open.

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