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Utilities at a site shall meet the requirements of Sections 3303.2.1 through 3303.2.6.
3303.2.1 Existing Services
The location of all existing utilities and service lines shall be determined and adequate measures taken, or devices provided, to safeguard the public and property before such utilities are disturbed.
3303.2.2 Maintaining Essential Services
3303.2.3 Electrical Work
All temporary electrical equipment and wiring shall meet the requirements of the New York City Electrical Code, and shall be maintained in compliance with such requirements. Portions of permanent electrical installations may be used for temporary operations provided the requirements of the New York City Electrical Code are met.
3303.2.3.1 Temporary Lighting for Construction Sites
Temporary lighting for construction sites shall use high-efficacy lamps with the following minimum efficacies:
  1. 60 lumens per watt for lamps over 40 watts;
  2. 50 lumens per watt for lamps over 15 watts but less than or equal to 40 watts; and
  3. 40 lumens per watt for lamps 15 watts or less.
3303.2.4 Sanitary Facilities
Sanitary facilities shall be provided during construction or demolition activities in accordance with the New York City Plumbing Code.
3303.2.5 Removing, Relocating, or Interrupting Services
If any utility is to be removed, relocated, or have its service interrupted, the utility company or city agency affected shall be notified at least 72 hours in advance.
3303.2.6 Disconnecting, Capping, and Certifications
Prior to the removal of any service, the utility connection shall be disconnected and capped, and certifications to that effect issued by the representative utility company shall be filed with the department.