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When provided, the ultrasound room shall comply with the following:
1224.18.5.1 Space Requirements
  1. Area. Rooms used for ultrasound examination/treatment shall have a minimum clear floor area of 120 square feet (11.15 m2).
  2. Clearances. A minimum clear dimension of 3 feet (914 mm) shall be provided on three sides of the table/stretcher.
1224.18.5.2 Handwashing Station
A handwashing station shall be provided within the exam room.
1224.18.5.3 Patient Toilet(s)
A patient toilet shall be directly accessible to the ultrasound exam room. The patient toilet may be permitted to serve more than one ultrasound exam room. If exams performed are limited to cardiology, vascular, breast ultrasound or used only for image guided procedures, then the toilet is not required to have direct access.
1224.18.5.4 Processing Room
If provided, a processing room shall contain distinct areas for cleaning and decontaminating instruments. The cleaning area shall provide for flow of instruments from the contaminated area to the clean area and then to storage.
The decontamination area shall be equipped with the following:
  1. One freestanding handwashing station.
  2. Work counter space(s).
  3. Separate storage room or cabinets for HLD probes.
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