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This paragraph applies to installation and use of high-voltage power distribution and utilization equipment that is portable or mobile, such as substations, trailers, cars, mobile shovels, draglines, hoists, drills, dredges, compressors, pumps, conveyors, and underground excavators.
Conductors in tunnels shall be installed in one or more of the following:
1910.308(a)(7)(i)(A) Metal Conduit or Other Metal Raceway
1910.308(a)(7)(i)(B) Type MC Cable; or
1910.308(a)(7)(i)(C) Other Approved Multiconductor Cable
Conductors and cables shall also be so located or guarded as to protect them from physical damage. An equipment grounding conductor shall be run with circuit conductors inside the metal raceway or inside the multiconductor cable jacket. The equipment grounding conductor may be insulated or bare.
Bare terminals of transformers, switches, motor controllers, and other equipment shall be enclosed to prevent accidental contact with energized parts.
Enclosures for use in tunnels shall be drip-proof, weatherproof, or submersible as required by the environmental conditions.
Switch or contactor enclosures may not be used as junction boxes or raceways for conductors feeding through or tapping off to other switches, unless special designs are used to provide adequate space for this purpose.
A disconnecting means that simultaneously opens all ungrounded conductors shall be installed at each transformer or motor location.
All nonenergized metal parts of electric equipment and metal raceways and cable sheaths shall be effectively grounded and bonded to all metal pipes and rails at the portal and at intervals not exceeding 305 m (1000 ft) throughout the tunnel.
Multiconductor portable cable may supply mobile equipment.