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1224. Location
The treatment area may be an open area and shall be separated from administrative and waiting areas.
1224. Nurse Station(s)
Shall be located within the cancer treatment/infusion therapy area and designed to provide visual observation of all patient stations.
1224. Individual Patient Treatment Areas
Shall contain at least 80 square feet (7.4 m2).
There shall be at least a 4-foot (1219 mm) space around and between beds and/or lounge chairs used for chemotherapy treatment/infusion.
1224. Handwashing Stations
Handwashing stations shall be directly accessible to the nurse station and patient treatment areas. Handwashing stations shall be provided for each four patient stations, and for each major fraction thereof. These shall be uniformly distributed to provide equal access from each patient station.
1224. Privacy
The open unit shall be designed to provide privacy for each patient.
1224. Medication Dispensing
If provided, there shall be a medication dispensing station for the cancer treatment/infusion therapy area. A work counter and handwashing station shall be included in the area. Provisions shall be made for the controlled storage, preparation, distribution and refrigeration of medications.
1224. Examination Room
An examination room with a handwashing station shall be provided with at least 100 square feet (9.29 m2) of clear floor area.
1224. Clean Utility Room
A clean utility room shall be provided. If the room is used for preparing patient care items, it shall contain a work counter, a handwashing station and storage facilities for clean and sterile supplies. If the room is used for storage and holding as part of a system for distribution of clean and sterile materials, the work counter and handwashing station may be omitted. Soiled and clean utility rooms or holding rooms shall be separated and have no direct connection.
1224. Soiled Utility Room
A soiled workroom shall be provided and contain a sink, handwashing station, work counter, storage cabinets, waste receptacles and a soiled linen receptacle.
1224. Nourishment Station
If nourishment station for the cancer treatment/infusion therapy service is provided, the nourishment station shall contain a sink, a work counter, a refrigerator, storage cabinets and equipment for serving nourishment as required.
1224. Housekeeping Room
Provide a housekeeping room that is immediately accessible to and for the exclusive use of the unit.
1224. Supplies
Supply areas or supply carts shall be provided.
1224. Storage
Storage space shall be available for wheelchairs and gurneys. If gurneys are provided, they shall be out of the direct line of traffic.
1224. Clean Linen Storage
A clean linen storage area shall be provided. This may be within the clean utility room, a separate closet or an approved distribution system. If a closed cart system is used, storage may be in an alcove. It must be out of the path of normal traffic and under staff control.
1224. Patient Toilet
A patient toilet room with a lavatory shall be provided.

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