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Hoisting of employees while the equipment is traveling is prohibited, except for:
Equipment that travels on fixed rails; or
Where the employer demonstrates that there is no less hazardous way to perform the work.
This exception does not apply to rubber-tired equipment.
Where employees are hoisted while the equipment is traveling, all of the following criteria must be met:
Equipment travel must be restricted to a fixed track or runway.
Where a runway is used, it must be a firm, level surface designed, prepared and designated as a path of travel for the weight and configuration of the equipment being used to lift and travel with the personnel platform. An existing surface may be used as long as it meets these criteria.
1926.1431(k)(12)(ii)(C) Equipment Travel Must Be Limited to Boom Length
The boom must be parallel to the direction of travel, except where it is safer to do otherwise.
A complete trial run must be performed to test the route of travel before employees are allowed to occupy the platform. This trial run can be performed at the same time as the trial lift required by paragraph (h) of this section which tests the lift route.

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