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Theater waiting space shall be an unobstructed area providing outdoor waiting space for a theater audience, located immediately adjacent to the sidewalk and to a theater listed in Section 81-742 (Listed theaters) or a new theater designed and intended to show live theatrical performances. Theater waiting space may be located on the same zoning lot occupied by a theater or a zoning lot immediately adjacent to a theater, and shall meet the following requirements:
  1. such space shall adjoin and open onto a sidewalk or sidewalk widening for its entire length and shall have a minimum length of 30 feet measured parallel to the street line and a minimum clear depth of 10 feet measured perpendicular to the street line exclusive of any columns. Its level shall be entirely the same as that of the adjoining sidewalk. When located under an overhanging portion of a building or other structure, it shall have a minimum clear height of 15 feet and be free of any obstructions except for building columns;
  2. such space shall provide direct access to a building's entrance or the theater's lobby. Where the theater and the theater waiting space are on separate zoning lots, a plaque shall be provided within the theater waiting space adjacent to the theater stating that the space is available as a waiting area for the theater audience. Such plaque shall be placed between four feet and six feet above curb level, and shall be visible from the sidewalk;
  3. such space shall not adjoin a driveway or an off-street loading berth; and
  4. the entire theater waiting space shall be illuminated with a minimum level of not less than eight horizontal foot-candles (lumens per foot).
The theater waiting space may overlap with an arcade, a building entrance recess area, a corner arcade, a corner circulation space or a sidewalk widening. However, the area of overlap may only be counted once toward the fulfillment of the required minimum area of pedestrian circulation space.

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