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Have at least 6 feet of clear headroom at the center, and be subdivided into not less than two compartments;
Be kept ready for immediate use for at least 5 hours subsequent to the emergence of any employee from the working chamber;
1926.803(b)(10)(iv) Be Properly Heated, Lighted and Ventilated
Be provided with air pressure gauges to show the air pressure within each compartment to observers inside and outside the medical lock.
1926.803(b)(10)(v) Be Maintained in a Sanitary Condition
Have a nonshatterable port through which the occupant(s) may be kept under constant observation;
Be designed for a working pressure of 75 p.s.i.g.
Be equipped with internal controls which may be overridden by external controls;
Be equipped with a manual type sprinkler system that can be activated inside the lock or by the outside lock tender.
Be provided with oxygen lines and fittings leading into external tanks. The lines shall be fitted with check valves to prevent reverse flow. The oxygen system inside the chamber shall be of a closed circuit design and be so designed as to automatically shut off the oxygen supply whenever the fire system is activated.
Be in constant charge of an attendant under the direct control of the retained physician. The attendant shall be trained in the use of the lock and suitably instructed regarding steps to be taken in the treatment of employee exhibiting symptoms compatible with a diagnosis of decompression illness;
Be adjacent to an adequate emergency medical facility;
The medical facility shall be equipped with demand-type oxygen inhalation equipment approved by the U.S. Bureau of Mines;
Be capable of being maintained at a temperature, in use, not to exceed 90 deg. F. nor be less than 70 deg. F.; and
Be provided with sources of air, free of oil and carbon monoxide, for normal and emergency use, which are capable of raising the air pressure in the lock from 0 to 75 p.s.i.g. in 5 minutes.
Be readily accessible to employees working under compressed air;

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