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All wires or bars of each size from each mill heat and all strands from each manufactured reel to be shipped to the site shall be assigned an individual lot number and shall be tagged in such a manner that each lot can be accurately identified at the jobsite. Each lot of tendon and anchorage assemblies and bar couplers to be installed shall be likewise identified.
The following samples of materials and tendons selected by the engineer or the designated testing laboratory from the prestressing steel at the plant or jobsite shall be furnished by the contractor and tested by an approved independent testing agency:
  1. For wire, strand or bars, 7-foot-long (2134 mm) samples shall be taken of the coil of wire or strand reel or rods. A minimum of one random sample per 5,000 pounds (2270 kg) of each heat or lot used on the job shall be selected.
  2. For prefabricated prestressing tendons other than bars, one completely fabricated tendon 10 feet (3048 mm) in length between grips with anchorage assembly at one end shall be furnished for each size and type of tendon and anchorage assembly.
    Variations of the bearing plate size need not be considered.
    The anchorages of unbonded tendons shall develop at least 95 percent of the minimum specified ultimate strength of the pre-stressing steel. The total elongation of the tendon under ultimate load shall not be less than 2 percent measured in a minimum gage length of 10 feet (3048 mm).
    Anchorages of bonded tendons shall develop at least 90 percent of the minimum specified strength of the prestressing steel tested in an unbonded state. All couplings shall develop at least 95 percent of the minimum specified strength of the prestressing steel and shall not reduce the elongation at rupture below the requirements of the tendon itself.
  3. If the prestressing tendon is a bar, one 7-foot (2134 mm) length complete with one end anchorage shall be furnished and, in addition, if couplers are to be used with the bar, two 4-foot (1219 mm) lengths of bar fabricated to fit and equipped with one coupler shall be furnished.
  4. Mill tests of materials used for end anchorages shall be furnished. In addition, at least one Brinnell hardness test shall be made of each thickness of bearing plate.

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