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See Figure No. 1.
  1. Deck support assembly. The assembly that holds the test deck over the burner.
  2. Baffle panels and joist support. Horizontal metal plates to support the deck joists along their full length, and also to confine burner flames to the underside of the deck boards located between the support joists.
  3. Back wall. Ceramic fiber board or another noncombustible panel product for the back wall material. Total height of the back wall shall be 8 feet (2.4 m).
  4. Ledger board. A 4-foot-long (1.2 m) simulated 2 x 6 ledger board shall be constructed of layers of ceramic fiber board (or other noncombustible panel product) and attached to the wall at a height slightly below the overhang of the rear deck board of the test deck.

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