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Temporary ventilation during construction shall be provided in accordance with the following:
  1. Ventilation during construction shall be achieved through openings in the building shell using fans to produce not less than three air changes per hour.
  2. During dust-producing operations, the supply and return HVAC system openings shall be protected from dust in accordance with Section E 603.1.3.
  3. Where the building is occupied during demolition or construction, ventilation shall be provided in accordance with the Control Measures of the SMACNA IAQ Guidelines for Occupied Buildings Under Construction.
  4. The permanent HVAC system shall not be used during construction to condition and ventilate the building within the required temperature range for material and equipment installation. Where required, a supplemental HVAC system shall be used during construction, return air shall be equipped with filters with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) of 8, in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2, or an average efficiency of 30 percent in accordance with ASHRAE 52.2. Before occupancy, filters shall be replaced with filters having a MERV 13 rating in accordance with Section E 603.3.
Exception: Embedded hydronics system shall be permitted to be used to condition the building during construction.

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