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Where authorized by the commissioner, a temporary walkway open to the public may be provided through a site that is otherwise fenced and closed to the public. Such temporary walkway shall be:
  1. Protected by a sidewalk shed, or where acceptable to the commissioner, provided with overhead protection and lighting equivalent to that afforded by a sidewalk shed;
  2. Enclosed along the side facing the site with a solid fence that meets the requirements of Section 3307.7. Where the sidewalk shed or equivalent overhead protection extends beyond 8 feet (2438 mm) in height, the fence shall extend to the top of the overhead protection, or the gap between the top of the fence and the overhead protection shall be enclosed with a wire screen comprised of not less than number 18 gauge wire mesh, or equivalent synthetic netting that is flame retardant in accordance with NFPA 701, with openings in the wire or synthetic mesh no larger than 1/2 inch (13 mm) in the vertical or horizontal dimensions and 3/4 inch (19 mm) in any other dimension; and
  3. Enclosed along the side facing the street in accordance with Section 3307.4.7.

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