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Technical production areas shall be provided with means of egress and means of escape in accordance with Sections 410.5.3.1 through 410.5.3.5.
410.5.3.1 Number of Means of Egress
Not fewer than one means of egress shall be provided from technical production areas.
410.5.3.2 Exit Access Travel Distance
The exit access travel distance shall be not greater than 300 feet (91 440 mm) for buildings without a sprinkler system and 400 feet (122 mm) for buildings equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with Section 903.3.1.1.
410.5.3.3 Two Means of Egress
Where two means of egress are required, the common path of travel shall be not greater than 100 feet (30 480 mm).
Exception: A means of escape to a roof in place of a second means of egress is permitted.
410.5.3.4 Path of Egress Travel
The following exit access components are permitted where serving technical production areas:
  1. Stairways.
  2. Ramps.
  3. Spiral stairways.
  4. Catwalks.
  5. Alternating tread devices.
  6. Permanent ladders.
410.5.3.5 Width
The path of egress travel within and from technical support areas shall be not less than 22 inches (559 mm).

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