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Provisions for unloading tank cars shall conform to the applicable recommendations contained in the DOT regulations.
Caution signs shall be so placed on the track or car as to give necessary warning to persons approaching the car from open end or ends of siding and shall be left up until after the car is unloaded and disconnected from discharge connections. Signs shall be of metal or other suitable material, at least 12 by 15 inches in size and bear the words "STOP - Tank Car Connected" or "STOP - Men at Work" the word, "STOP," being in letters at least 4 inches high and the other words in letters at least 2 inches high.
The track of a tank car siding shall be substantially level.
Brakes shall be set and wheels blocked on all cars being unloaded.
The employer shall insure that unloading operations are performed by reliable persons properly instructed and given the authority to monitor careful compliance with all applicable procedures.

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