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More than one system of 5000 scf (141.6 Nm3) or less shall be permitted to be installed in the same room or area, provided the systems are separated by at least 50 ft (15 m) or a full-height fire-resistive partition having a minimum fire resistance rating of 2 hours is located between the systems. [55:]
The separation distance between multiple systems of 5000 scf (141.6 Nm3) or less shall be permitted to be reduced to 25 ft (7.6 m) in buildings where the space between storage areas is free of combustible materials and protected with a sprinkler system designed for Extra Hazard, Group 1 occupancies in accordance with the requirements of 63.2.10. [55:]
The required separation distance between individual portable systems in the process of being filled or serviced in facilities associated with the manufacture or distribution of hydrogen and its mixtures shall not be limited by or when such facilities are provided with Protection Level 2 controls and the applicable requirements of Chapters 1 through 7 of NFPA 55. [55:]
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