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Systems containing flammable gas-air mixtures shall be in accordance with Section 1210.12.1 through Section 1210.12.6.
1210.12.1 Required Components
A central premix system with a flammable mixture in the blower or compressor shall consist of the following components:
  1. Gas-mixing machine in the form of an automatic gas-air proportioning device combined with a downstream blower or compressor.
  2. Flammable mixture piping, minimum Schedule 40.
  3. Automatic firecheck(s).
  4. Safety blowout(s) or backfire preventers for systems utilizing flammable mixture lines above 21/2 inches (65 mm) nominal pipe size (NPS) or the equivalent. [NFPA 54:7.11.1]
1210.12.2 Optional Components
The following components shall also be permitted to be utilized in any type of central premix system:
  1. Flowmeter(s)
  2. Flame arrester(s) [NFPA 54:7.11.2]
1210.12.3 Additional Requirements
Gas-mixing machines shall have nonsparking blowers and shall be constructed so that a flashback does not rupture machine casings. [NFPA 54:7.11.3]
1210.12.4 Special Requirements for Mixing Blowers
A mixing blower system shall be limited to applications with minimum practical lengths of mixture piping, limited to a maximum mixture pressure of 10 inches water column (2.5 kPa) and limited to gases containing no more than 10 percent hydrogen. The blower shall be equipped with a gas control valve at its air entrance arranged so that gas is admitted to the airstream, entering the blower in proper proportions for correct combustion by the type of burners employed, the said gas control valve being of either the zero governor or mechanical ratio valve type that controls the gas and air adjustment simultaneously. No valves or other obstructions shall be installed between the blower discharge and the burner or burners. [NFPA 54:7.11.4]
1210.12.5 Installation of Gas-Mixing Machines
Installation of gas-mixing machines shall comply with the following:
  1. The gas-mixing machine shall be located in a well-ventilated area or in a detached building or cutoff room provided with room construction and explosion vents in accordance with sound engineering principles. Such rooms or below-grade installations shall have adequate positive ventilation.
  2. Where gas-mixing machines are installed in well-ventilated areas, the type of electrical equipment shall be in accordance with NFPA 70 for general service conditions unless other hazards in the area prevail. Where gas-mixing machines are installed in small detached buildings or cutoff rooms, the electrical equipment and wiring shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 70 for hazardous locations (Articles 500 and 501, Class I, Division 2).
  3. Air intakes for gas-mixing machines using compressors or blowers shall be taken from outdoors whenever practical.
  4. Controls for gas-mixing machines shall include interlocks and a safety shutoff valve of the manual reset type in the gas supply connection to each machine arranged to automatically shut off the gas supply in the event of high or low gas pressure. Except for open burner installations only, the controls shall be interlocked so that the blower or compressor stops operating following a gas supply failure. Where a system employs pressurized air, means shall be provided to shut off the gas supply in the event of air failure.
  5. Centrifugal gas-mixing machines in parallel shall be reviewed by the user and equipment manufacturer before installation, and means or plans for minimizing the effects of downstream pulsation and equipment overload shall be prepared and utilized as needed. [NFPA 54: —]
1210.12.6 Use of Automatic Firechecks, Safety Blowouts, or Backfire Preventers
Automatic firechecks and safety blowouts or backfire preventers shall be provided in piping systems distributing flammable air-gas mixtures from gas-mixing machines to protect the piping and the machines in the event of flashback, in accordance with the following:
  1. Approved automatic firechecks shall be installed upstream as close as practical to the burner inlets following the firecheck manufacturer's instructions.
  2. A separate manually operated gas valve shall be provided at each automatic firecheck for shutting off the flow of the gas-air mixture through the firecheck after a flashback has occurred. The valve shall be located upstream as close as practical to the inlet of the automatic firecheck.
    Caution: These valves shall not be reopened after a flashback has occurred until the firecheck has cooled sufficiently to prevent re-ignition of the flammable mixture and has been reset properly.
  3. A safety blowout or backfiring preventer shall be provided in the mixture line near the outlet of each gas-mixing machine where the size of the piping is larger than 21/2 inches (65 mm) NPS, or equivalent, to protect the mixing equipment in the event of an explosion passing through an automatic firecheck. The manufacturer's instructions shall be followed when installing these devices, particularly after a disc has burst. The discharge from the safety blowout or backfire preventer shall be located or shielded so that particles from the ruptured disc cannot be directed toward personnel. Wherever there are interconnected installations of gas-mixing machines with safety blowouts or backfire preventers, provision shall be made to keep the mixture from other machines from reaching any ruptured disc opening. Check valves shall not be used for this purpose.
  4. Large-capacity premix systems provided with explosion heads (rupture discs) to relieve excessive pressure in pipelines shall be located at and vented to a safe outdoor location. Provisions shall be provided for automatically shutting off the supply of the gas-air mixture in the event of rupture. [NFPA 54:7.11.6]

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