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Each station fire alarm system shall consist of:
  1. Fire alarm control unit at a location as permitted by the enforcing agency.
  2. An alarm annunciator(s). The annunciator(s) shall be located at a point acceptable to the enforcing agency. The annunciator(s) shall indicate the type of device and general location of alarm. All alarm, supervisory and trouble signals shall be transmitted to the local annunciator(s) and the operations control center.
  3. Manual fire alarm boxes shall be provided throughout passenger platforms and stations.
    Exception: Two-way emergency communication reporting devices (emergency telephones) are allowed to be used in lieu of manual fire alarm boxes as permitted by the enforcing agency. Such devices shall provide two-way communication between the operations control center and each device. Such devices shall be located as required for manual fire alarm boxes, and shall be distinctly identified by signs, coloring or other means acceptable to the enforcing agency.
  4. Automatic smoke detectors in all ancillary spaces.
    1. Ancillary spaces protected by an approved fixed automatic extinguishing system; or
    2. Ancillary spaces protected by quick-response sprinklers.
  5. Automatic control of exiting components.

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